MTN Vs 9Mobile YouTube Houly Data Plan - Which Is The Best

As the news of mtn YouTube hourly data plan surfaced which is meant for streaming of videos on YouTube, many are yet to test the data plan with some criticizing it saying it might involve speed throttling. Today i decided to give it a trial and it is just okay.

MTN YouTube Hourly Data plan

MTN YouTube streaming hourly data plan makes it possible for all mtn subscribers to watch or stream any YouTube videos without using their main data plan. If you love YouTube so much and wouldn't mind Subscribing for it in order to stream videos, this package is for you.

How to Subscribe to mtn YouTube Time Based or Hourly Data Plan 

The mtn YouTube data plan is of two packages, one is for one hour and goes for N1000 with 750mb allocated data while the other is 3hrs and goes for 400 naira with 2.25GB allocated data. 

To subscribe for 1hr for 150 naira dial *131*8*1#

To subscribe for 3hrs for 400 naira dial *131*8*2#

And to check you data balance dial *559*18#

MTN YouTube Hourly Data plan Vs 9Mobile YouTube Houly Data Plan 

Having tried both YouTube hourly data plan i will give it to 9mobile(etisalat) because of its unlimited streaming. Though mtn gives you 3hrs to use your 2.25GB to stream YouTube videos, 9mobile is unlimited for the space of 2hrs all same price with mtn which is 400 naira. 

Both mtn and 9mobile YouTube hourly data plan are fast and i didn't experience any speed throttling when i used the mtn 3hrs YouTube data till i exhausted it. Also 9mobile 2hrs YouTube unlimited streaming is also fast though depends on one's location.

Right now you can use 9mobile YouTube hourly data powered with AnonyTun VPN to browse, download and stream on other apps and not just YouTube but with mtn you can't(though it is still very new).

Don't Miss This How to Browse and Download Unlimited on 9mobile using AnonyTun VPN

With 9mobile you can download your favorite YouTube video and watch it anytime you want but you can't do it such with mtn YouTube hourly data plan.

Having subscribed for the two two YouTube hourly data plan, i just be like why Subscribing for this when i can get 2GB for 500 naira valid for 7 days and also stream with it on YouTube or use 200 naira to get 1.5gb valid for 5hrs and stream YouTube with it. This mtn YouTube hourly data plan or time based doesn't make sense for a bit, but if you like it good ahead, be a good customer and subscribe to it.

Would love to hear your own opinion too about this YouTube hourly data plan introduced by mtn and 9mobile. 

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