Cheapest And Best Data Plan in Nigeria 2017(September)

Cheapest And Best Data Plan in Nigeria 2017(September) 

When it comes to internet browsing and data plans, we ought to look for the best plan that will suit our needs and mostly the cheapest data plan. Here in Nigeria, we love to browse the net, chat with our friends on Facebook, WhatsApp etc and this all involves internet bundle.

Thanks to internet data review that happened last year to which you can get 1.5GB for 1000 naira or 750mb for 500 naira. But the issue is this allocated data bundle might not be enough for you especially if you use internet a lot. You may be surprised that you subscribed for mtn or airtel 1000 naira data plan, and it didn't last for three weeks for you. Hmmmm kinda wired!!! Cause this is called data zapping.

Cheapest And Best Data Plan in Nigeria 2017(September)

So in this month of September 2017 i have reviewed all the available data plans on our four major internet network providers that is MTN, Airtel, 9mobile(Etisalat) and GLO to come up with the cheapest and best data plan for your Android phone, IPhone and iPad or PC. 

So below are the cheapest and best data plans in Nigeria 2017 and for the month of September. 

Cheapest and Best Data Plan in Nigeria 2017(September) 

The list goes below 

1. MTN 

So am starting with mtn network. Thanks to double data recharge you get extra bundle of what you subscribed for. 

For example you subscribed for mtn 1000 and 1.5GB was allocated to you, with mtn double data recharge you will also get extra 1.5GB bonus making it 3GB in total. So it will be 3GB for 1000 naira. 

If you subscribe for mtn 500 naira which gives 1GB for one week, you will get extra 1GB bonus making it 2GB data for 500 naira. 

Here i will recommend mtn 1000 naira data plan which gives you 3GB for one month or the 500 naira which gives you 2GB for one week. 

If you can afford 2000 naira for mtn one month data, then it gives you 3.5GB plus Extra 3.5GB bonus making it 7GB for N2000. So what I'm trying to explain about the mtn double data is that you get the same allocated data bundle for a particular plan as a bonus thereby making it ×2.

How to activate mtn double data 

Send Double to 131 wait till you receive an SMS, immediately send PROMO to 131 and after that send FREE total 131. You will receive an SMS about the new package. 

After that subscribe to mtn data plan of 500 naira for a week or 1000 naira for a month or other higher data plans.

To subscribe to mtn data plan dial *131#

Note this is applicable to any data plan on mtn. 

2. Airtel 

Same as mtn, airtel has their own double data offer. If you subscribe for airtel 500 naira data plan for 750mb, you will get extra 750mb bonus making it 1.5GB for N500. 

Airtel 1000 naira data plan which gives 1.5GB plus extra 1.5GB bonus making it 3GB for 1000 naira. You can can dump airtel 2000 naira monthly data and go for the 2500 naira monthly data which gives 5GB plus extra 5GB bonus making it 10GB for N2500. 

You can also go for  airtel 3500 data plan for 7GB, plus extra 7GB bonus making it 14GB data bundle for N3500.

How to activate airtel double data offer 

Unlike mtn network, everyone is eligible for this offer. If you subscribe to any airtel data plan, you will get double of the allocated data bundle. Dial *144# to subscribe for airtel data plan and to check your balance dial *140#.

3. 9mobile(Etisalat) 

9mobile followed the footsteps of mtn and airtel to reward their esteemed customers with their 100% double data offer. To get this offer dial *244*1#  to migrate to Morecliq, you must receive a successful migration sms before subscribing to any data plan. 

For me, i don't fancy 9mobile data plans for a bit and don't recommend it to anyone especially if mtn and airtel have strong network in your area. 9mobile gives 1GB for 1000 naira and with the double data offer, you get 2GB for N1000 whilst other network(s) gives 3GB respectively. 

500 naira data plan gives just 500mb with the bonus making 1GB for N500 whilst mtn gives 2GB for N500 and airtel gives 1.5GB for N500. 

To get subscribe to 9Mobile data plan dial *545# and *228# to check your balance. 

4. GLO 

I don't know if there's any location or state in this country that has a very good and stable internet connection. Glo is no no for me but for all their subscribers, you are not left out. 

You can get the Glo double data offer even it you haven't recharged your Glo sim for 2 years. To get this offer, buy any Glo data plan preferably one week data, have airtime on your sim and leave it to auto renew. You will automatically get your double data offer. 

I will recommend Glo one week data plan of 500 for 800mb 
Glo one month data of 2000  naira for 7.5GB or 2500 for 10GB data bundle. 

And that's it guys. Please note that these data plans are applicable to Android phone, IPhone and iPad, windows phone and PC or any gadget with internet access. 

What’s your say on these cheapest and best data plan in Nigeria 2017 and for the month of September, don't forget to share this post thanks. 

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