9mobile(etisalat) Unlimited Browsing And Downloading Using AnonyTun VPN 2017

Learn more about 9mobile unlimited browsing and downloading using AnonyTun vpn to power it for all your internet apps on your Android device. 

Do you that you can now browse unlimited on 9mobile using AnonyTun VPN right now in September 2017. Mind you this isn't the chat pack or social pack stuff.

Okay the best part is that this 9mobile browsing is unlimited and very fast in browsing and also downloading. Hmmmm sounds nice right, you can also stream with it without any atom of buffering. 

This is great cause by Saturday EPL, La Liga from international break and we all back to business. You know that i do post match links to stream these football matches live on your Android phone and with this AnonyTun VPN free streaming, no need to worry. 

But hey this will cost you 400 naira 9mobile airtime cause you will be using the 9mobile YouTube subscription powered by AnonyTun to make it work for you. So below is the guide to use 9mobile(etisalat) YouTube subscription plan to browse and download free. 

9mobile Free Browsing Using AnonyTun VPN APK 2017 

1. First download and install AnonyTun VPN APK

2. Subscribe for 9mobile YouTube plan by dialing *200*3*3*3#.

3. Open your AnonyTun vpn and click on stealth Settings. 

4.  Slide on Stealth On/off

5. Select HTTP and port 8081

6. Slide on Custom TCP/HTTP header and click on it. In  URL/Host input myaccount.google.com

7. In Request Method select Post

8. Injector Method select Normal

9. Tick Keep-Alive , User-Agent and leave others unticked

10. Click Generate>>Save>>Connect.

Finally you are good to go.

Note one disadvantage of this YouTube subscription plan is that it is valid for 2hrs only though unlimited. If you are not okay with this you can subscribe for mtn 500 naira data plan couple with double data bonus, you will get 2GB to stream live football at any given time for 7 days.

Incase you don't want know about the use of AnonyTun vpn for this plan. The reason is that the vpn will help you to use the YouTube subscription plan on any other apps on your Android Smartphone that requires internet.

This plan is mearnt for YouTube application that is to stream with YouTube only but with the vpn, you will use it on any browser like opera, uc browser, Chrome etc or the likes of Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram orbit any app that requires internet connections.

That's from me on 9mobile unlimited browsing and downloading using AnonyTun VPN. 

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