Can Netflix Work Without Internet (Yes) - How to Watch Netflix Without Internet or Wifi

Watch Netflix without internet connection or Wifi on your iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphone in offline mode. 

Can Netflix work without internet is the question of most Netflix users and the answer is Yes! You can now watch Netflix without internet connection or Wifi on your iPhone, iPad or Android.

How to watch Netflix without internet connection or Wifi on iPhone, iPad and Android

With Netflix download and go, you no longer have to stop watching your TV show if your internet connection goes down. In November 2016, Netflix announced that customers can now download shows and films for offline viewing – and they won’t have to pay any more for this.

This feature is available on all Netflix plans and you can download the Netflix app for phones and tablets on Android and iPhone & iPad (IOS).

Netflix just made traveling sweeter as you can watch Netflix on a plane. But please make sure you plan ahead. When you’re packing for your trip, get on your iPhone or iPad and figure out what content you want to download for offline viewing. Use our tip below to do it. Then when you’re on the plane, the Netflix movies or TV shows you downloaded will be ready and waiting.

How to Download & Watch Netflix without internet or Wifi on iPhone, iPad and Android(offline) 

1. First, we need to update (or download) Netflix. To do this, for Android click here and for IOS click here tap Updates, and tap Update next to Netflix. Once your Netflix app has the latest update installed, open the app.

2. When you first open the app after updating Netflix, you’ll likely see the screenshot below informing you of the new offline watching feature. You can tap Find something to download or dismiss it.

3. However, the typical way you’ll access downloadable Netflix content is by tapping the Menu icon in the upper left corner that looks like three horizontal lines.

4. From the menu, tap Available for Download.

5. Find a show or movie you want to download for offline viewing. Tap on it.

6. Look for the download button. Tap the download button to download a full movie. You’ll need to download each individual episode of a series.

7. Once your show or movie has downloaded, open the main Menu up again and tap My Downloads. Your list of downloads is easily accessible from here. Tap on the show or movie you have downloaded to watch it offline.

How to watch Netflix without internet connection or Wifi on iPhone, iPad or Android

You can download programmes to watch offline with BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and All 4 by using the relevant app or download software. You cannot download shows from My5.

You'll need an internet connection to download the programme and then you can watch it offline. The time limit for watching a TV show can vary from provider – so check before you download. 

Please note that you have to register before watching movies on Netflix and right here you can go for Netflix Basic for N1000, standard at the rate of N2050 or premium for N2450. 

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