How To Know that Someone Have Deleted or Blocked You on WhatsApp

This tip helps you to know if someone have blocked or deleted you on WhatsApp and this works on android, IPhone and Windows etc.

Knowing if someone have blocked or deleted you on Whatsapp seems difficult but with various methods which i will be dealing on in will help you to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp.

If you are suspecting that someone blocked you on WhatsApp, below are the methods to detect that you have been blocked or deleted on someone's whatsapp contact and this method doesn't require any third party app buy only whatsapp app only.

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How to know if someone blocked or deleted you on WhatsApp 2017

How to know if someone have Blocked or Deleted you on WhatsApp

1. Single Tick in Conversation: okay try send a chat message to the person, if it shows single tickets for hours or days it might be that the person have blocked you. But i will tell you this, this isn't 100% correct cause the person may not be available on WhatsApp for a long period of time due to some issues or the other. 

But if you have been chatting with someone and the messages getting delivered, then all of a sudden your chat message can't be delivered to the person and you have good internet connection, that's the case as you have been blocked by the person. 

2. Check the person Profile Picture: if your chat messages isn't delivered to the person, try to check the person's profile pic. Before you do see a profile pic of that person and then suddenly you are seeing a blank space like the below;

How to know if someone blocked or deleted you on WhatsApp 2017

Am sorry thar your friend have blocked you on WhatsApp. 

3. Check the person's last seen: Actually this makes a little bit of sense if the person activated last seen and you have been seeing it and again suddenly you can't see the person's last seen. But many people now have deactivated this feature including the writer myself so don't just conclud using this method. 

Okay let's analyze the three methods above. The person is a hardcore whatsapp user and you send the person a chat message it wasn't delivered, you checked the person profile pic and it shows blank, there's no last seen, mean the person have blocked you on WhatsApp. 

If the person is a moderate or rarely on WhatsApp then use the below trick to find out. 

4. Create a WhatsApp Group 

This method gives 100% result if you have been deleted or blocked on WhatsApp by someone.  So create a whatsapp group and locate the person or persons you found suspicious, try adding them to the new group. If you have not been blocked or deleted, the contacts will be added but if you have been blocked it will show You are not authorized to add this contact( for old whatsapp app). 

But for the the latest whatsapp app which is version 2.17.254, if someone blocks you on WhatsApp, you will not see the person on the list for participants. 

So you can save yourself the stress by trying to creat a whatsapp group and see if you will see the number of the suspected user. 

With the above methods you will know if someone blocked or deleted you on WhatsApp and please don't forget to share this post to your friends. Again your comments are highly welcomed thanks. 

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