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[Official] MTN Data Plans For Android, IPhone & PC in July 2017

This post is about mtn data plans for android, IPhone & PC in July 2017 which is strictly for all mtn subscribers or users. 

To all mtn subscribers looking for mtn data plans for android, IPhone & PC, this post will help and list all the mtn  internet bundles for your browsing need.

In 2016, the four major network providers in Nigeria(mtn, airtel, Etisalat and Glo) reviewed their data plans. It was a huge upgrade to what they were offering before like 200mb for N1000, N2000 for 2GB. 

MTN data plans for android, IPhone & PC in July 2017

But right now you can get mtn 1gb data plan for N500 though only for mtn pulse subscribers. Days are gone when we hear mtn data plans for android, blackberry etc as these internet bundles work for all platforms and device. 

MTN Data Plans For Android, IPhone & PC And Subscription Codes 

Below is the full list of mtn data plans for android iPhone and PC and their subscription codes 

MTN Daily Plan Codes 

₦100 (30MB for 1 day) — text 104 to 131.

₦200 (100MB for 1 day) — text 113 to 131.

MTN Weekly Plan - 7 days 

₦500 (750MB & 1GB) — text 103 to 131.

Please note that mtn 500 naira data plan for 1gb is for pulse subscribers. If you are on other package like zone or biz, it will be 750mb all valid for 7 days. 

MTN Monthly data plans - 30 Days 

₦1,000 (1.5GB for 1 month) — text 106 to 131.

₦2,000 (3.5GB for 1 month) — text 110 to 131.

₦5,000 (10GB for 1 month) — text 116 to 131.

₦10,000 (22GB for 1 month) — text 117 to 131.

Is quite unfortunate that mtn have stopped their bonus on data plans. For example if you subscribe N1000 for 1.5gb you will receive extra 1.5gb making it 3gb for N1000 for 30 days. If you subscribe 10gb for N5000 you will get 20gb in total and this was called mtn double data. 

MTN 2 months Data plan - 60 days 

₦20,000 (50GB for 2 months) — text 118 to 131.

This is good for companies or cyber cafes. 

MTN 3 months Data Plan - 90 days 

₦50,000 (85GB for 3 months) — text 133 to 131. 

Again for companies and cyber cafes. 

How to check MTN data Balance 

The best and fastest method to check mtn data balance is by dialing *131*4#

mtn data plans for android, IPhone & PC in July 2017

MTN Data Plans Fastest Subscription Codes 

You can avoid sending SMS and use a ussd code. In your dial pad, dial *131# select daily, weekly or monthly depending on your needs. Select the plan you want and input the number shown to you. 

Note. There's nothing like mtn data plans for blackberry as it has been discontinued by mtn this 2017.

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Best MTN Data Plans For Android 

For all Android users and Internet subscribers looking for the best mtn data plans for android, i will recommend mtn 1.5gb for 1000 naira & 3.5gb for 2000 naira. 

If you don't have 2000 naira, then go for 1.5gb for 1000 naira or 500 naira for 750mb or 1gb. 

Best MTN Data Plans For IPhone and PC 

Best mtn data plans for iPhone, iPad and PC are 2000 for 3.5GB, 5000 for 10GB  & 10000 naira for 22GB. IPhone, iPad and PC consumes a lot of data, 1.5gb won't be enough for a bit. 

MTN 500 Naira Data Plan 

MTN 500 naira data plan is best for students, you can use it to make research or for your project. If you don't have up to 1000 naira  for 1.5gb data, then you can go for mtn 500 naira data plan. 

I mostly use this for a quick internet access and it lasts up to 5 days without huge downloads. To get better of mtn 500 naira data plan, try and migrate to mtn pulse by dialing *406# and get 1gb instead of 750mb. 

Again please bear in mind that you can roll over previous data bundle to your current data incase you didn't exhaust it and wants to subscribe for a new one. 

mtn data plans for android, IPhone & PC in July 2017

That’s all i got for mtn data plans for android, IPhone &  PC in July 2017, please don't forget to add your own suggestions or comment thanks. 



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