[Latest] Stark VPN 4.0 APK Download Free with Settings

This article is about stark vpn 4.0 apk latest version for Android, it's settings or configuration with a download link. 

Bet some of you have heard of stark vpn which is a simple free vpn tunnel which you can use to browse free on your network, browse anonymously and bypass secured website that is restricted from you. 

Stark vpn 4.0 apk latest version for Android download free

Features of Stark VPN 4.0 APK 

Taking a look at stark vpn 4.0 features 

* Stark vpn is very easy to use
* The data isn't capped like tweaker, it is  unlimited data
* The vpn connection is very secured 
* compression support
* low battery/ram usage
* torrent friendly unlike psiphon handler
* Doesn't require rooting 

Benefits of using Stark VPN APK today Browse 

* To browse anonymously and secured 

* To browse free using any free browsing cheat

* To bypass isp restrictions and secured websites. 

Stark VPN 4.0 apk latest version

Stark VPN 4.0 APK Settings 

Below is stark vpn 4.0 apk settings for all Android. 

1. Install stark vpn 4.0 apk. 

2. This version doesn't allow you to select your desired location instead you will select your desired servers. 

3. Click tweaks and select the tweak you want. If the tweaks there isn't meant for your region or country, click on custom. 

4. Click select connection mode, and select http. 

5. In server port input 80 or leave it at 8080. 

6. Scroll down to host header and input your tweak. 

7. In proxy host and proxy port input your working ip and port. 

If you don't have any tweak and wanted to use it just to bypass restrictions and browse anonymously, go to select collection mode and change it to http. 

8. Press Back and click connection. Stark vpn doesn't take time to connect at all just within 5 seconds it should connect. 

Download Stark VPN 4.0 apk 

You should give this simple vpn app a trial by downloading the app below. 


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