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Download Psiphon 108 Handler apk latest version 2017

For those looking for the psiphon handler apk latest version 2017, is quite unfortunate that psiphon 108 handler is still the latest in 2017.

If you don't like latest pronet handler like Pronet v10.14 apk  then you can going forward psiphon 108 handler.

In 2017, psiphon handler boost up to over 2 million downloads as the handler vpn is now popular worldwide. What makes psiphon handler to be popular is because it is free to use without data cap unlike many vpn(s) like tweakware vpn.

Again psiphon handler is so easy to configure and to use. If your main aim of using this app is for free browsing, psiphon 108 handler will fulfill it with ease for you.

If you are looking to access restricted sites that your isp is blocking or not available for your country, psiphon 108 handler will make it happen for you.

Features of Psiphon 108 Handler Apk Latest 

Features of psiphon 108 handler apk are listed below;

1. Doesn't require root 
2. Free to download, install and to use. 
3. You can use psiphon 108 handler without any settings as long as you have working Internet connection and data. 
4. Consist of proxy type, real proxy type etc for those that loves tweaking. 
5. You can use it on android Lollipop or marshmallow and also Nougat. 
5. Lots of country like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Netherlands etc. 

Advantages of psiphon 108 handler apk 

1.  Free to use without data cap. 
2. Can access restricted sites or apps not available for your region or country. 
3. Very fast in browsing and downloading. 

Disadvantages of psiphon 108 handler apk 

1.Contain ads.  Unlike pronet vpn or Netify vpn , psiphon 108 handler contain ads which can drain your smartphone battery. This is the major reason why i don't really use the vpn handler. 

Most people have been using psiphon 108 handler as at last year, but recently the app became popular with many asking for the settings of their network. If you new to psiphon handler, then try psiphon 108 handler apk as it is the latest version. 

Download Psiphon 108 Handler Apk 

Please don't get discouraged with the ads on psiphon 108 handler, try install and compare it with other vpn handler(s) like pronet v10.14 and netify vpn. Download link below;

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