See How Google Search App Will Help You Know All The events Happening Around You

Google is updating its Search app on smartphones and tablets to include a new functionality. In order to hunt for events or festivals happening around, users had to visit specific event sites. However, Google has now eliminated the step, and will show the events around a user right on the search page. Google has partnered with multiple listing sites to incorporate the new change.

Users will get not just the events happening around, but even details of the event in the form of a short and compact summary, which will be picked up directly from the partner sites. The event search can be generic or specific – Google search app will show results for both. The search results include everything from event title including date, time, location, and even price (where applicable).

Google Search has also provided a filter option to users where they can choose from specific type of events, events occurring at specific times or according to pricing. For example, while the terms “events around me” helps a user to discover all events, filters can narrow it down to music festivals, food festivals, or more. Additionally, a specific search term like “music festival around me” will automatically bring up filtered results. The new feature has already started rolling out to users and is available with the latest app update.

Describing the new feature, Google said, “So if you’re a food lover, typing a quick search like, “food festivals in Delhi,” will get you a listing of the best options in an easy-to-review format. Have an interest in the performing arts? You can now check out the latest plays running near you. Even try out specific queries like “Marathi plays in Mumbai”, and you’ll see options right up your alley.” 
The search app is undergoing a massive change, and recent reports have hinted that not just with new features but Google Search is all set to change even in terms of design.


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