Airtel Unlimited Data Plan - See How it Works

As airtel launched their unlimited data plan early this month, some thought it was a farse but it turns out to be real but comes with a policy and the policy tagged with the Airtel  unlimited data plans is listed below. See how it work

Airtel Unlimited Data Plan and How it Works 

So let's start from the first or the least. 

Airtel Unlimited Data Plan of N10000 

1. First and foremost this airtel unlimited data plan of #10000 naira doesn't zap for a bit and works on all device be it Android, IPhone and iPad, windows etc as long as there's an Internet access in the device. 

2. Once you passed 40GB fair user policy, you begin to experience speed throttling with the speed rate being 256kb. At least the speed rate is bit better for me. 

3. Roll over doesn't apply on this airtel data bundle, once you didn't exhaust your data before expiring date, everything vanishes. 

Airtel unlimited data plans and how it works

Airtel Unlimited Data Plan of N15000

1. In this airtel unlimited data plan of #15000, it works on all device with Internet access and doesn't zap data at all. 

2.  Once you passed the 65GB user policy you will begin to experience speed throttling at the speed rate of 256kb just like that of the #10000 naira. 

3. Here also data roll over doesn't apply so you try and finish your data bundle before expiring date. 

Airtel Unlimited Data Plan of N20000

1. Just like the others this works on all device with Internet access. 

2. Data roll over doesn't apply for a bit, try exhaust your bundle a day before expiring date. 

3. You will get free airtel mifi. 

4. Fair user policy applies when you passed 100GB

Note this airtel unlimited data plans are valid for 30 days. 

My experience with airtel unlimited data plan of N10000 

Okay guys i have tried the least data plan over there and which the #10000 unlimited data plan and here is my say on it. 

The data bundle is superb, especially in my current location(ph). Airtel is very fast in pH and im really enjoying it but getting to owerri where airtel isn't good at all, it becomes another thing even though i haven't reached the user policy. 

There's nothing like data zap at all though this might be a way to attract people but still it doesn't make. Seriously if you are always on the Internet that is hardcore or heavy internet user this airtel unlimited data plans is for you. You can go for the least there. 

For those of computer business centers, the N15000 or the N20000 is very okay for you guys and connect to other computers through Wifi Hotspot or mifi. 

Over to you guys as i would like to know your say on the Airtel unlimited data plans. 


  1. Too expensive. There should be cheaper ones for weekly and daily

    1. Actually good things doesn't come cheap. What if they give you unlimited weekly data plan at the rate of N3000 with 10gb allocated data, will you go for it?