Monday, 17 July 2017

Airtel Unlimited Data Plans For Android, IPhone & PC Finally Unveiled

Finally airtel Nigeria have unveiled their airtel unlimited data plans which is applicable to all device like Android, IPhone and iPad, windows phone and PC. There's no doubt that we have been waiting for this.

The airtel unlimited data plans comes in three packages though this wasn't made official by airtel but with this being unlimited, you can browse, download and stream like you want. But one fact is that the packages are not affordable than we thought especially in this recession.

Okay so let's take a look at the new airtel unlimited data plans for android, IPhone and iPad, windows phone and PC.

New Airtel Ng Unlimited Data Plans For Android, IPhone and iPad, Windows Phone and PC 2017 

Like i said this doesn't come cheap with the least being 10,000 naira, see the packages below. 

1. Airtel #10,000 unlimited data plan valid for 30 days 

2. Airtel #15,000 naira unlimited data plan valid for 30 days. 

3. Airtel #20,000 naira unlimited data plan valid for 30 days. 

If you take a look at this airtel data plans, you will notice that they have the same validity which is 30 days. So the question is can i get unlimited data with 10,000 naira and also unlimited data for 20,000 naira. This shows that not all might be unlimited and it may also have a policy installed in it. 

Airtel Unlimited Data Plans Subscription Codes 

If you have made up your mind to give airtel unlimited data plans a trial, here is the subscription codes. 

1. Airtel #10,000 unlimited data plan subscription code is *471#

2. Airtel #15,000 unlimited data plan subscription code is *463#

3. Airtel ng #20,000 unlimited data plan subscription code is *351#

You know this isn't funny at all to bring out #10,000 naira to buy a data plan if you are not going to make money from it or if you are not a business person. Please I'm yet to try the airtel unlimited data plans so i won't guarantee you 100% that it is unlimited but hey if you have the money with good airtel internet connection in your area, you can do it and give us your feedback. 

Don't worry guys when i exhaust my airtel data bundle, i will give it a trial but right now you can just pend it for a whileas it is not yet official thanks. 

Okay that's it guys, what's your say on this airtel unlimited data plans, if it is actually unlimited is it good and will you dump other plans and go for it. For me mtn and airtel 2000 naira data bundle doesn't last for two weeks and I'm going for this if it's unlimited like they stated.

Updated 18th July 2017 

Is quite unfortunate that our network providers Airtel Nigeria doesn't know what unlimited data means, they released official allocated gigs to the so called airtel unlimited data plans.

1. Airtel ng N10,000 package is capped 100GB
2. Airtel ng N15,000 package is capped 125GB
3. Airtel ng N20,000 package is capped 160GB.

And that's just that though i doubted if it's truly there will be airtel unlimited data plans. Well the issue is if there won't be double charging or speed throttling on three bundle packages. 



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