[Official] Airtel Data Plans For Android, IPhone & PC in July 2017

This post will guide through airtel data plans in Nigeria 2017, and not only that as you will see best airtel data plan for Android, IPhone, iPad and PC and also how to check airtel data plan.

There's no doubt right now that airtel Nigeria offers the cheapest internet data plans for their customers, which you can use their Internet bundle on your Android phone/tablet, IPhone & iPad, windows mobile and PC.

Airtel data plan for Android, IPhone and PC

So let's take a look at the airtel data plan in July 2017 below;

Official Airtel Data Plans For July 2017 - Android, IPhone and PC 

30MB For #100 valid for 24 hours. Dial *410# to subscribe

100MB for #200  valid for 3 days. Dial *412#

80MB for #300 This plan is valid for 7 days  , Dial *417#

750MB for #500 valid for 14 days. Dial *418# to subscribe

1.5GB for #1,000 valid for 30 days. Dial *496# to subscribe.

3.5GB for #2,000 valid for 30 days. dial *437#

5GB for #2,500 valid for 30 days. Dial *437*1#

7GB for #3,500 valid for 30 days. Dial *438# to subscribe

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9GB for #4000 valid for 30 days. Dial *438*1# to subscribe.

12GB for #5,000 valid for 30days. Dial *452# to subscribe

24GB for #8,000 valid for 30 days. Dial *460# to subscribe

Airtel data plans for android, IPhone and PC 2017

Note you might see Android 1.0, 1.2 etc on these internet bundle package, but they all work for iPhone, iPad, windows mobile and PC and not just android. 

When you compare airtel  data plans with mtn data plans, you will noticed that airtel is lot cheaper as it gives you 9GB for 4000 naira & 12GB  for 5000 naira while mtn is 5000 naira for 10GB and 10000 naira for 22GB. 

Days are gone when we say airtel is a very slow network. In my area it was the case but right now, airtel is the fastest network which can give up to 4mbs on 3G network. 

Best Airtel data plan for Android phone & tablet 

For all android users planing to subscribe for airtel data plans, i will recommend that of 2000 naira for 3.5GB or 3500 naira for 7GB. Or you can go for 9GB for 4000 naira if you have up to that for your monthly data plan. If you not so much into browsing then go airtel 1.5gb for 1000 naira or 750mb for 500 naira. But rest assured that this won't last for 3 days because of double data charge. 

Best airtel Data Plan for IPhone, IPad and PC 

Best airtel data plan for iPhone, iPad and PC users will be 9GB for 4000 naira, 12GB for 5000 naira and 24GB for 10000 naira. IPhone, iPad and PC consumes a lot of data and with airtel double charge, 9GB might even last for two weeks for you. 

How to Check Airtel Data plan Balance 

To check airtel data plan balance, just dial *140# and your balance will be displayed to you. 

Again let me stress this, if you are subscribing for airtel data plan in 2017, always bear in mind that you will experience double data charging as airtel still maintain it till date. 

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