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IPhone Lagging And Freezing? Working Steps To Speed Up IPhone 7/6/6S on IOS 10/11

IPhone lagging and freezing on iPhone 7/6/6S on IOS 10/11, with the right tips on this post will solve the problem for you. 

There are few things more annoying in your daily life than your iPhone lagging as you're trying to scroll though your apps or do a fleeting scan through social media.

But thankfully, it doesn't have to be a chronic malaise on your iPhone, as this simple trick may help speed up your phone. Like any piece of machinery, your iPhone will begin to run more slowly over time and starts to freeze or lag as it uses up memory and accumulates wear and tear.

How to speed up iPhone Lagging And Freezing on iOS 10/11

But that doesn’t mean you can’t be proactive and make some minor changes to speed up its performance. If you’ve recently noticed your iPhone’s speed decreasing, check out our list of tips below on how to fix it.

How to speed up Lagging And Freezing iPhone on iOS 10 /11

Your iPhone 7/6/6S lagging or freezing on 10/11 below tips is how to fix it. 

1. Turn Off Background App Refresh

Even when some apps aren’t in use, they’re gradually sucking processing power by auto-refreshing. All things being equal, it’s a useful feature because it keeps your dormant apps prepped and ready to roll by auto-downloading new data. In reality, however, it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

You’ll be able to pull up the score of the Lakers game on the NBA app just as quickly as you were able to before. Go to Settings → General → Background App Refresh and toggle it off. (This will also help increase your battery life, a topic we’ve covered with more tips included.)

2. Clear out cache in Apple apps

Cache buildups result in unnecessary clutter that can also slow down your iPhone. There are several Apple apps that allow you to manually clear the cache. Examples include the App Store, Podcasts, Music, Game Center, iMessage and Phone.
To clear out the cache in each app and help boost your phone’s speed, simply open any of the aforementioned apps and quickly tap 10 times in a row on one of the tab icons at the bottom of the screen.

Once you do that, the screen will go blank for a moment and the cache will be cleared.

3. Reduce transparency and motion effects

Apple uses a number of effects to give iOS a sense of depth as you tilt your phone or open and close apps. These motion effects generally improve your experience, but not if they result in choppy animations. To disable, go to Settings > General > Accessibility and tap the toggle switch to turn on Reduce Motion.

Next, head back to the Accessibility screen, tap the line above Reduce Motion titled Increase Contrast and tap the toggle switch to turn on Reduce Transparency. This setting reduces the transparency and blur effects, ostensibly to increase legibility, but it can also serve to speed up performance because it's one fewer graphics task for your device's processor to handle.

4. Update Apps to Improve iOS 10 Speed Performance

Some apps may goes slowly on your iOS devices if they are not compatible with the new iOS 10 operating system. So you should update these kinds of apps to be latest after their new versions come out. Of course, you can delete some useless apps to free up space, which is also helpful to make your iOS run fast in lightweight.

To update apps, just run App Store on your iOS device, and tap "Updates" at the bottom-right corner.

5. Manage iOS 10 Animation Related Issues

iOS 10 has a lot of new animation features that can dazzle up a new iPhone such as the iPhone 7. If you are on an older iPhone, this may lead to sluggishness and slowness.

In order to get a handle on these animations, you can turn on Reduce motion on the accessibility settings. Turning on this setting stops the iOS from eating up valuable resources.

While on the accessibility settings, you can also increase the Contrast link by moving the slider to ON position.

Important: Please note that when you turn off ON the reduce motion setting, some of the fancy features in iMessage such as disappearing ink et al will not work on your device.

6. Disable Raise To Wake Feature

We love this feature on iOS 10. The new raise to wake feature only works with the iPhones that have the updated motion-co-processor. Since this feature gets triggered when you move the iPhone, it does end up consuming some battery power on your device.

If you are having problems with battery life on your older iPhone, you may want to try disabling this feature to see if it helps your iPhone.

In order to Disable the Raise to Wake feature, Tap on Settings > Display and Brightness > and turn off the switch next to Raise to Wake Setting.

Try out these tips on how to fix and speed up iPhone 7/6/6S lagging and freezing on iOS 10 l/11 and please try and share this post before leaving thanks. 



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