Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Truecaller 8 Features Video Call, SMS And Flash Messages

Truecaller recently introduced Truecaller 8  which is now available for Android. The new app features a complete redesign, and also host lots of impressive features.

Starting off with Truecaller 8, the newest update to the caller ID app brings some useful new features such as SMS inbox which lets you see who's messaging you and filter out spam messages. The company says that spam messages account for 15 percent of all SMS messages sent out globally and represent 1.2 trillion spam messages each year. The new smart SMS features automatically identifies and blocks unknown, spam and telemarketing SMSes as well as blocks SMS by name and number series.

Truecaller 8 for Android also introduces flash messaging support that lets you quickly send out pre-defined messages (including emojis) to any Truecaller user if say you're stuck in a meeting, or driving, or in an emergency, or any other reason for which you're unable to take the call.

The most notable new feature is Trucaller Pay, which adds the company to the growing list of payments app in the country. With Truecaller Pay, you will now be able to send and receive money securely over your smartphone. The new feature was launched in partnership with ICICI Bank. Users will be able to create their own personal Virtual Payment Address (VPA) in the app, after which they can send and receive money using any UPI ID, or mobile number registered with the BHIM app. Additionally, this feature will be available for both ICICI and non-ICICI users.

Truecaller 8 Features 

Truecaller Pay 

The company has partnered with ICICI Bank to launch a peer-to-peer payment solution for Indian users. Truecaller 8 will allow all the users of the app to create a UPI ID, which lets users send money to any other UPI id. It can even transfer money to a mobile number registered with the BHIM app.

Video Call 

Truecaller has partnered with Google to improve the video calling. As we all know that Android devices will now come pre-loaded with Google Duo app. This will help Truecaller app to fetch appropriate information and present it within the app interface. This feature lets users track all the video call records and call logs.

SMS Enabled 

Truecaller also introduced new SMS and flash message feature. Well, SMS feature will let users have complete control on their phone’s message box. Truecaller will let users see who had sent the SMS and can filter out the SPAM messages.

Flash Messages 

If we talk about Flash messaging, Truecaller has introduced a new feature that will let a user to send the flash message to any Truecaller user and can let them know their location, state of mind and more.

To learn more about truecaller 8 features, check their website Truecaller Blog for more. 



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