Saturday, 4 March 2017

Check Out Super m Charge That Can Fully Charge A Smartphone Under 20Mins

Check Out Super m Charge That Can Fully Charge A Smartphone Under 20Mins 

Meizu is a Chinese manufacturer of smartphones and has some good handsets for sale in India. During the Mobile World Congress, this Chinese smartphone manufacturer introduced a new technology to recharge batteries rather quickly without causing explosions.

As the new technology that Meizu introduced is known as “Super mCharge” which provides a 5A current at an 11V voltage to reach impressive 55W of power, versus 15W of the Samsung and Motorola turbocharger.

Meizu is using a charge pump, a type of DC to DC converter that uses an external circuit to control the connection of capacitors to the input voltage. By disconnecting the capacitor from the source via a switch and reconfiguring the circuit with additional switches, the charge pump’s output voltage can be raised or lowered relative to the input. Keeping the capacitors small and the switching frequency high improves efficiency. Meizu is claiming 98% efficiency for its design, and while charge pumps are known for high efficiency, this seems a little high at first glance.

To accommodate the current increase, Meizu is pairing its new fast-charging circuit with a new lithium-based 3000 mAh battery made with “advanced manufacturing processes” that can handle 4x the current of previous batteries. This new battery is said to retain 80% of its original charge capacity after 800 complete charge cycles, where a charge cycle is defined as any possible sequence that ultimately goes from 100% to 0% to 100%. This rating is actually at the high end of the scale, with most fast-charging methods rated for 500 cycles or a little more. Battery life is likely improved by keeping temperature in check; Meizu claims that battery temperature does not exceed 38 °C (100 °F), a full 6 °C less than a competing solution in its testing.

Super mCharge, on the other hand, should appear on Meizu’s smartphones in 2018. As they are sold in India, possibly this new fast charging technology is also available to us in the near future.

What do you guys think about the super mcharge introduced by Meizu, would like to hear your say thanks.



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