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10 Best IPhone Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts In 2017

In this article, i will present the 5 best iPhone tips, tricks and shortcuts in 2017 that you haven't seen before. 

There are dozens of cool iPhone features hidden beneath the surface that you probably weren't even aware of and I've picked my favourite iPhone tips and tricks that can help you achieve things quicker and easier, and you'll wish you'd known about them a long time ago.

10 Best IPhone Tips, Tricks and shortcuts in 2017 

1. Create custom iMessage replies for calls you can't answer

Sometimes it's not the right time for a phone call; and while you could just let calls you don't want to take go to voicemail, sometimes you want to explain why you're not picking up. iOS let you quickly respond to a call with a text message.

Depending on which version of iOS you're running, you either swipe upward on the phone icon that appears next to the unlock slider and choose Respond With Text, or tap the button labelled Message above the Slide To Answer slider.

By default, you'll get three pre-written options ("Sorry, I can't talk right now", "I'm on my way" and "Can I call you later?"), along with a button that lets you enter text there and then. However, you can customise the prepared messages under Settings > Phone > Respond With Text. You can't have more than three, however: if you want to add a new one, you'll have to sacrifice one of the current options. Tap the one you're willing to lose and type in the new response.

2  How to set custom vibrations on your iPhone

Want to know who's calling you without taking your phone out of your pocket? That's easy - assign a ringtone to a contact. But what about doing it all silently? Not only can you assign a custom ringtone or text tone to a contact, you can even give them a custom vibration pattern.

Open Phone or Contacts; select a contact, then tap the Edit button in the top-right corner. Scroll down to find the ringtone field; below it is a vibration field. Tap that, and you'll see an assortment of built-in vibration patterns you can choose from. Further down, though, is the ability to add a custom pattern: tap Create New Vibration, and you can tap on the screen to create your own rhythm. When you're satisfied (tap the Play button to see what it will feel like), tap Save to set the pattern.

If that's not enough, go back to the contact and also assign a custom vibration pattern for text messages.

3. Save battery with Low Power Mode

If you know you're going to be using an iPhone for a long time, then switch to Low Power Mode by tapping Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode.

Low Power Mode reduces consumption by turning off a number of iPhone features. Mail fetches less frequently (push is turned off), Hey Siri is turned off, background app refresh is turned off and some visual effects are reduced. The screen goes dark after a shorter period of inactivity.

You may not notice the difference (although you may not get a vital Mail or Social Media message unless you check for it). On the whole, though, the iPhone works as normal and the battery will last for much longer.

4. Stop Music Automatically With Timer.

If you fall asleep while listening to music on your iPhone, you know it may leave your battery dead till the morning. The best in all iPhone tricks to use in this scenario, is to stop music automatically with a timer. Most people don’t know this feature exists in iPhone but it is very simple to use automatic timer for music on iPhone.

5. Undo Deleted Text 

Most of the users don’t know this amazing iPhone trick but you can easily undo deleted text on iPhone. This can he very helpful if you are typing or editing a long paragraph and accidentally delete some text.

1. Shake To Undo.
Hold on to your phone tight and shake it. You will see “Undo Typing” option on your screen.

2. Landscape keyboard.
Rotating your keyboard in landscape mode will show an undo button on the keyboard which can be used to recover deleted text on iPhone while typing.

6. Remove Stock Apps 

With the latest iOS updates, now you are allowed to remove some of the unwanted system apps. We are sure every user has a folder on their springboard in order to hide those ugly stock apps. Well now you can remove them like you can simply uninstall any downloaded app. If you want them back you can always re enable them from the app store.

7. Zoom Unlimited in Photos 

iOS has a restriction about zoom in photos. There is a limit on how far you can zoom in a photograph. But with this simple little iPhone trick, you can get unlimited zoom for your photos. 

1. Go to Photos app.

2. Open the photo you want to zoom.

3. Tap Edit.

4. Rotate the image 90° and tap done.

5  Now you can zoom unlimitedly.

8. Shake to Undo 

This one can be a little awkward at times but it can be a bit of a life saver. If you've just typed a long sentence and accidentally deleted it, or made some other catastrophic error, you can give your iPhone a shake to bring up the undo/redo dialogue box. Just make sure you're holding on to your iPhone tightly before you shake it!

Since implementing this feature Apple has added an undo button to the system keyboard, thankfully, but this only appears when the iPhone is in landscape mode. If you can't be bothered to type like that, get shaking.

9. Save PDF to IBooks 

You can turn web pages into PDFs and add them directly to your iBooks app. This is handy if you're reading a long web document, or especially if you've found a HTML book online and want to keep a copy of it.

When you tap Share, scroll across the apps to find Save PDF to iBooks. Tap it and the web page will be converted and added to your book collection.

10.  Automatic Emoji Replacement 

If you are using the apple keyboard, you can now enjoy the feature of automatic replacement. The keyboard recognizes words and gives you the option of replacing them with suitable emoji just by tapping the words. The words that can be replaced are shown in orange color.

These are my 10 best iPhone tips, tricks and shortcuts in 2017 and of you have more, please you can drop it through the comment box thanks. 



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