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Detailed Guide To Get Instagram Followers Fast

Instagram which is one of the best social site in the world and to which every instagram user would like to have more followers and likes in order to be noticed. And with more instagram followers, every post you made will be seen by many which in turn will increase your likes and followers.

If you are one of those that wants to increase increase instagram followers fast, then read the detailed guide below on how to do it.

Detailed Guide To Get Instagram Followers Fast 

1. Take A Good Photos 

Instagram is more of uploading of pics, and amazing and sweet pics plays a huge role in getting likes and followers. If the pic is stunning, people will share it on their instagram page, you will get likes and followers instantly. 

You need to have a good camera or you download camera app and use image smoother etc to make it look better. 


You should also invest in a good photo editing app, instead of resorting to Instagram’s limited filters and editing tools. 

3. Make sure Your Account is Public 

Your account should be set on public as private account cannot be seen. People will be unable to view your photos before becoming your follower, making your profile look dull and empty. To make an account public:

Click on the Profile button in the bottom right corner of the Instagram App.
Click "Edit My Profile."

Uncheck "Posts are Private." If you see the green button, then your post is private. Click this to set your account to public.

4. Use Better Hash Tags 

Hashtags are seen as the ultimate way to get more eyeballs on your post, but they don’t necessarily keep people coming back for more. Our Instagram experts tend to eschew common hashtags like #dog or #love, because, as Ketron pointed out, “If I’m going to post a photo of a bike, why would I hashtag it #bicycle? There are literally millions of photos with that hashtag.”

Instead, they tend to stick with a handful of unique hashtags that speak to the theme of the account or of a particular project.

5. Schedule Your Post 

It is recommended to always post early in the morning or in the evening, that is from 5am-7pm. Try not to post during working hours as it will not be seen by many. 

6. Post Only Your Best Pics or Videos 

The key to Instagram success is both quality and quantity. The photos you post should only be of the best quality, and they should come often enough to be entertaining, but not too often, so you're an annoying presence. If you post low-quality photos, people are less likely to be impressed and may not take you seriously.

7. Find a Niche to Follow 

 It is much harder to get followers if people don't know what they are following. Celebrities can get away with posting stuff from their day-to-day life, most people don't care what you are eating for breakfast. If you can tap into a specific market, from food to pets to outdoor photography, you can attract a tonne of followers who love the same thing.

8.  Like and Comment on Other People's Post 

Your chances of attracting attention from other Instagram users increase even further if you are actively and meaningfully engaged with their photos. Liking a photo is better than nothing, but comments generate the most return feedback.

9. Follow Many Instagram 

One of the quickest ways to attract the attention of other Instagram users is to begin following them first. Some may return the favor, while others will not. In general, though, following more users will often get more users following you back.

Look for popular users, as well as users who follow many more people than they have followers. These people may want to bulk up their number of followers, and will follow you back. Just dont expect many interactions to come from these accounts.

10. You Must be an Active User 

To get more instagram followers you must be an active user by updating your account with pics and videos, this really attracts followers. If you are non active, you will even loose the followers you have. 

These are the tips to get instagram followers fast and hope you try it. Also if you have other tips which i didn't write please share it too thanks. 
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