Best Of UK TV Now Channels To Watch

UK Tv now has tons of channels that users can stream for free without paying a buck, channels which consists of Animal plannet, discovery world, BBC Movies, Skysports, BT Sports, Fox Sports, True Movie channels and lots more.

One fact is that UK tv now apk has all the UK tv channels and all those channels can be streamed for free, but at times you might face technical issues on the application as some channels might go offline when streaming.

If you love to stream movies, live sports, documentary, music etc then it is better to have UK tv now apk or iPhone on your smartphone. It it consists of many UK tv channels, below are the best channels on the app

Best Of UK TV Now Channels To Watch 

I will categorize it into sections like Sports, Movies, Documentary, Music, Entertainment and News. 


1. Skymovies

When it comes to movies on UK tv now, skymovies are my best. You especially sky movie drama and romance. You can get sky movie Action and Adventure, Crime and Thriller, Comedy and sky movie Disney for your children, Sky movie premier, Select, showcase, Sci and Horror and finally sky movie Modern Great. 

To watch sky movie on UK tv now depends on what you want to watch, crime, romance comedy, but sky movie premier is my best. 

2. True Movies 

I'm a great fan of true movies. This channel gives you tons of real life movies(facts) and not fiction. You get True movies 1 and True movies 2 on UK tv now apk or iPhone. So if you want to watch emotional and moving true stories, True Movies channels are there for you. 

3. TCM Movies 

This is a popular channel that offers exclusive classic movies. Watch Elizabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe or other classic actors and movies, then TCM Movies is there for you. 

4. HBO(US) 


1. Discovery Channel 
2. Discovery Turbo 
3. Animal Plannet( US and UK) 
4. Investigation Discovery 
5. History
6. Nat Geo Wild 


For Sports Lovers that wants to stream live sports on UK tv now, the list goes below 

1. Skysports:  My number one to watch Live football, NBA and WWE plus other sports. You have Skysports 1-5 and Skysports news on UK tv now, mind you this is free to watch. 

2. BT Sports: With BT Sport on UK tv now, you can watch Live UEFA Championship matches and other live sports activities.

3. Bein Sports Channels: Bein sports has lots of channels and you can watch tons of live sports on this channel from bein sports 1-12, bein sports FR and US.

4. ESPN Channels:  You can watch only la liga  NBA and other non football games.


6. WWE - For those that loves wrestling, you can watch Live WWE on this channel.

7. Fox Sports 1&2


 1. BBC Entertainment 

2. BBC One 

3. CBS Reality 

4. Comedy(US & UK) 

5. E channel

6. Fox Entainment


8. Lifetime (US &  UK)

9. Sky Atlantic

10. Sony TV

11. Spike

12. TLC(US & UK)

13. TNT


15. Cartoon Network(CN)

16. Disney, Disney Jr

17. Nickelodeon


1. CNN News

2. BBC News

3. Bloomberg


5. Sky News

6. Fox News

Please you should note that these one are the English speaking channels, it also contains Spanish and Indian channels too that's if you understand their language.

If you are new to UK tv now, download and install it Here and enjoy lots of US and UK tv channels. 

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