Saturday, 14 January 2017

SquareHome 2-Win10 UI Launcher APK - Full Review

SquareHome 2-Win10 UI Launcher is the best Android launcher if you are looking for a Windows(10) type of launcher for your Android phone or tablet. This launcher is simply amazing as it contains all that windows 10 mobile have.

Most Android users have been searching the whole the Internet just to see or get a very superb Android launcher that matched windows 10 mobile launcher, and here i present the launcher to all of you here, the launcher to which am using and same time enjoying it.

SquareHome 2-Win10 UI Launcher APK - Full Review

Have been using this SquareHome 2 on my android smartphone, and i tell you this launcher beats other launchers hands down including Nova launcher. You can add your favorite apps on your your home screen with different styles and colors, you can make the apps large, small or tiny.  Below are the features of SquareHome 2 launcher windows 10 launcher;

SquareHome 2-Win10 UI Launcher APK Features 

>> Vertical scrolling in page and horizontal scrolling from page to page.
>> Perfect metro style UI and tablet support.
>> Beautiful tile effects.
>> Showing notifications and count on tile.
>> Smart app drawer : sorts the best on the first by using patterns of app.
>> Quick access to your contacts.
>> Plenty options for customization.

SquareHome 2-Win10 UI Launcher is free to use or download and there's no in app ads and it is my current launcher, try it and you will forget about other launchers. 

Download link below 

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