Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Fix iTunes Error 9006 When Updating iPhone And Ipad

ITunes error 9006 is a rare error that IPhone and ipad users face when updating their phone, the error which states "there was a problem downloading software for the iPhone".

iTunes error 9006 is caused by many reasons but mostly due to poor internet connection and this can be fixed by these solutions below;

Fix iTunes Error 9006 When Updating iPhone 

And here we go

1. Update Your Device Using IPSW File

First is to download IPSW  on your PC for Iphone model. Please don't try download the one that is not your model. 

>>>With a USB cable, connect your device to your PC and open iTunes on your PC   and select your iPhone or iPad from the top left the menu.

>>> You have to press and hold the OPTION and Command Key on your Mac(if you are using MAC) and then click the “Restore” button. 

>>> If you are using Windows Press SHIFT and then click the “Restore” Button. 

>>>Finally seleect IPSW file you downloaded. 

2. Disable oftware firewalls and anti-virus applications

Please when updating your Iphone with pc or Mac, try and disable software firewalls as well as any anti-virus software installed on your device. Reboot your Iphone and PC,  connect them again and try update your device. 

The first method worked for a friend and if you happen to see iTunes error 9006 please try the first method to fix the problem. 

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