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5 Best Washing Machine in Nigeria

Looking for the best washing machine in Nigeria, here you will see the best of washing machine for your household use in Nigeria. Is no doubt that washing machine is a real time saver and not for those who are lazy as some people tends to say.

5 Best Washing Machine in Nigeria

Everyone household really deserve a washing machine and i hate when people say that washing machine are for those that are lazy. This is a gibberish talk and absolute nonsense as i use washing machine which saves my time and energy for other things.

Washing machine varies on different types, the best and popular brands. There are cheap ones and costly ones in the market, in this post i will show you the best washing machines sold in Nigeria.

5 Best Washing Machine in Nigeria 

The list goes below and hope you see your choice here 

1. Haier Thermocool Washing Machine 

This is the best washing machine you can get in Nigeria, though it varies from different types. Thermocool Tlsa04 Top Load Semi-Automatic Washing Machine is an appliance that is both powerful and discreet. With a 6kg wash capacity , clothes are washed thoroughly and spun to perfection. An additional feature of the magic lint filter collects all the lint in the laundry for you ease of use and fresh clothes are a regular guarantee.


Soak Function  

Soaks clothes for up to 30 minutes before the wash process begins – laundry is sure to come out looking cleaner.

Rain and Dry Season

Saves wash progress during power outage and continues from the stage it stopped when power is restored. 

Low Energy Consumption

This washing machine can be powered with a 0.8kva power generating set. 

2. Polyester 220V/50HZ Washing Machine 

Polyester 220V/50HZ is a 15 minutes quick wash Water and Energy saving, Convenient to carry, Lower noise, Easy to operate, Safe and trustworthy, Clean Wash, Anti-rust plastic body, More Information: Can be operated with generator Rated Voltage 220V Power Capacity 200. 

3. Qasa Washing Machine with Double Tub 

5 Best Washing Machine in Nigeria
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QWM-142DTBX DOUBLE TUBS WASHING MACHINE QWM-142DTBX Specification?Autmatic type: Automatic Rated washing power: 460W Rated spining power: 180W Washing capacity: 8.2 kg Spinning capacity: 6 kg Features 1. Pure copper motor 2. Rustless plastic body  3. 3D jet pulsator 4. Lint filter  5. Collar scrubber  6. Transparent lids 7. Turbo drying system 8. Over-load protection 9. Buzzer & timer.

4. Nexus Washing Machine 

The NEXUS Washing Machine -  is an efficient and effective way to do laundry. It uses a minimum amount of water for washing. This washing machine is minimise water, it wash the clothes, and spins. The clothes are loaded from the top into the perforated baskets that’s in an upright position within a water retaining tub and a water pump in the basket. During the wash cycle, enough water is filled into the outer tub which makes the clothes float freely in the basket. It has a capacity of 7KG for clothing and it has a quick wash functionality that washes clothes in just 15 minutes.

5. LG Washing Machine 

Though it is the last on the list but the best you can get in the market, though at a very high rate. LG washing machine is efficient, durable and easy to use key features Energy Saving Yes Roller Jet Yes Water Selector Yes 2 Sides Waterfall Yes Overflow Filter Yes Clean Lint filter. 

And that's it. If I'm to recommend for you, i will tell you to go Haier Thermocool washing machine, Nexus washing machine and LG washing machine if you can spend some bucks on this or you can go for popstar washing machine as they are lot cheaper. These are the best washing machine in Nigeria and don't forget to share it to your your friends and family. 



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