Monday, 12 December 2016

Tips On How To Customize Icons On IPhone Without Jailbreaking

Learn how to customize icons on Iphone homescreen without jailbreak with the easy methods or steps i will be discussing below.

As an Iphone user, customizing icons on Iphone homescreen seems difficult for some users and those that don't want to jailbreak their device wouldn't want to do so other than replace their homescreen wallpaper and to change their icon position. This is where Android beats ios hands down that is to be able to customize homecreen with ease.

Tips On How To Customize Icons On IPhone Without Jailbreaking

So if you are bored with how icons are placed on your Iphone Home screen and wants to customize it without jailbreak, below is easy steps on how to customize icons on your Iphone without jailbreak.

Tips on How To Customize Icons on Ipone Without Jailbreak

To attain this, you will require to first go this this website IEmpty and you will use their tools to customize icon apps on your Iphone.

1. Open any browser on your Iphone preferable Safari web browser and go to the IEmpty website, when the website opens, click on the option Create Blank Ions. You will see another screen and you should click on the option named ADD placed under the customize tab.

2. After that, you will be redirected to a page you will have to upload a screenshot of your Iphone homescren. To be able to do that, you have to place up a single app icon on an empty home screen and then take its screenshot. The icon should be the one you wish to recreate in the website.

3. After the above, will be directed to another page and it will show you sorted layouts of the empty icons on your home screen of the screenshot, click on the one which you wish to have on the icon placed and then proceed further.

4. Click on the share icon immediately you see the empty icon created on your screen inside the website. Share it by selecting “Add to Homescreen” option and then afterward add it to the home screen by just clicking on the question mark icon above the empty icon, selecting the Add option.

5. Afterwards, the icon you created will appear on your Home Screen

If you want to create your own custom icons for your IPhone Home Screen , you will also do that using the IEmpty website and by clicking "iCustom: Custom Apps Icons".

So that's it guys, this method is so easy that every iPhone user that wants to customize icons on iPhone Home screen without jailbreak will understand. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to say it through the comment box thank.



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