Thursday, 8 December 2016

4 Best Free VPNs - Their Pros And Cons 2016

4 Best Free VPNs - Their Pros And Cons 2016 

Not very often do we always go for paid vpn services, as we a times look or search for free vpn to hide our identify and to surf anonymously.
Not always do we have the money to go for paid vpn and some of us don't trust the paid vpns as sometimes they disappoint us, and wanting to use the Free VPN one as it might be slightly the same with the paid one. So i complied the very 4 best free vpns to surf anonymously and hide your true identity online.

4 Best Free VPNs - Their Pros And Cons 2016 

4 Best Free VPNs - Their Pros And Cons 2016

1. Best free vpn - Openvpn Connect 

This has always been my number one Best free VPN , so easy to use and available for all platforms. Though i must confess that one might find it difficult to configure and use on pc or desktop, than that of Mobile smartphone.

With openvpn, you can select any country of your choice, from Europe to America to Asia and Africa. And with it, you hide your identity or country and surf anonymously. 


1. The vpn servers vary from different countries and if you are restricted from a website or app because of region, openvpn will help and unblock it. 
2. So easy to set up on mobile platform like Android and iOS. 


1. It is difficult to set up on pc and can't be trusted to keep you private for a long time. 

2. At times disconnects on mobile especially when using a free server, which in turn shows your true identity or country. 

3. Free servers are not very fast like the paid servers.

Openvpn For PC

Openvpn For Android

Openvpn For IOS

2. Best Free VPN - HTTP Injector 

This is another vpn that i use on my mobile(Android) when surfing the net. Http Injector also requires a server to be able to use it, though very fast when compared to openvpn. It's servers is only restricted to few counties like Germany, Netherlands, Japan, USA, Luxembourg etc.


1.Very fast to connect and also fast during downloading. 
2. Features top European countries and as well as USA and Canada. 
3. Can be trusted as it hardly disconnect. 


1. Kinda difficult to set up and to connect. 
2. Available for Android Users only. 
3. The servers last only a maximum period of 7 days.

Http Injector for Android

3. Best free VPN - PSIPHON 

I know some you will be surprised that i added this, but what i have on my mind is the handler version which is psiphon handler. This is the very best free vpn to use on your Android smartphone, as it is so easy to configure and to use.

Psiphon is different from psiphon handler, psiphon handler is the modded version by dzebb and features countries USA, UK, CANADA, GERMANY, NETHERLANDS, JAPAN. 


1. Very easy to configure, to use and absolute freeware. 
2. Very fast when browsing and downloading. 


1. Only available to Android users. 
2. Disconnect frequently and can't be trusted. 
3. Can change location on its own. 
4. Drains battery very fast.

Download Psiphon VPN

Download Psiphon Handler

4. Best free VPN - Hotspot Shield

This is another free vpn i normally use, it has both free version and paid version. When this VPN app was newly created, it was nice especially during the days of Nokia symbian and windows xp and 7, but right now as a free user you have to put up with lots of ads. Hotspot shield is very easy to use without any bit of confusion and can keep you anonymous as long as you didn't close or stop it from running. 


1.Easy to use 
2. Doesn't disconnect unless you have reached the time allocated to free users. 


1. Free users will endure lots of ads in the app 
2. Free users do not enjoy Unlimited data as it is Capped at 750mb per day. 

There are other nice free vpn to use, but for me these ones are okay for me and to which i recommend to people around me. 

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