Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Sad News - MTN Suspends N25 for 500MB Night Plan

This is real sad news for internet users and heavy downloaders as mtn have suspended the only alternative we have to download large files or stream online at a cheaper rate.

As directed by NCC to increase price of internet data plans from December 1st 2016, mtn have stopped or suspended their night plan of 500mb prior to the notice though not the actual date. I tried to activate the night plan and it shows that the plan have been suspended due to NCC asking them to increase their data plans.

Today is 30th November and by tomorrow, price of data will increase. We prayed for cheap data plans and was close to it but suddenly we are on the verge of going back to square one or even worse. Till now i haven't figured out the reason behind this increase of internet data plans, especially in this recession.

For those who use this plan to download their files or stream online, is quite unfortunate that it's no more  and right now there's no alternative till our network providers unveil price of data plans tomorrow.



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