Thursday, 17 November 2016

Konga 2016 Black Friday Yakata Sales is Here Again

Largest online shopping mall in Nigeria Konga, is at it again with their 2016 konga Yakata sales or black friday. I know most of you are already waiting for the official date of konga 2016 Yakata, which they have released with lots of products included.

I'm one of those who love to shop online and with this konga 2016 black Friday, i can't wait to buy things online at a very cheap price especially in this recession. Konga 2015 Yakata was a big flop which they konga know about, so this year they promised a better 2016 Yakata sales and promotions. 

Konga 2016 Yakata Sales Or Black Friday Date 

That's what most of us are waiting and been searching for, the official date of Konga 2016 black Friday Yakata sales is 18th - 21st November. Is just two weeks remaining and first day is the best to shop for your Yakata sales 

How to Order For Products on Konga 2016 Yakata black Friday As kongas

As konga 2016 Yakata black Friday starts from 18th November, and they didn't state the time like jumia, what you should do to able to get the best products at a cheaper rate is to be awake from 12am or 4am of 18th November till 8pm. Continue refreshing the konga website or app to be able to see a new change and also have a fast and steady internet connection. 

If you see any product you want, order for it immediately and don't wait to pack everything in cart before ordering, as you might see product out of stock. 

Products or deals of konga 2016 Yakata black Friday sales

As usual konga didn't state the products for the 2016 black Friday sales but it will feature all their categories raging from Mobile phones, Laptops, fashion etc. On 18th of November we will know what products or deals will fall today 70% which is the real Yakata fall. 

So are you ready for konga 2016 Yakata black Friday sales with amazing discounts, then you got two weeks to save the best you can for the fall Yakata.

Bookmark Konga 2016Black Friday Yakata Page Now 

Here's the page for Konga 2016 black Friday Yakata sales though that day things will change. 



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  1. Hmm... I just hope this one won't be like last year's.