Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Goodnews As NCC Suspends The Increase Of Internet Data Plans

Goodnews as NCC Suspends The Increase Of Internet Data Plans 

As we all braced ourselves for the increase of internet data plans by 1st December 2016, right now the news spreading across the country is that the Senate have bars NCC and data bundle hike from taking effect by 1st December.
The Senate said before any such hike could be announced all parties should be consulted before any increase.

As it stands right now, mtn night plan will be back and heavy downloaders will continue to enjoy their night cruising. And I know that some people have already packed their sims with lots of data to use this year as things are getting worse day by day, even gtbank had to send me a message to sub for data bundle before first December.

So guys as it is, all internet data plans remain the same and there will be no increase come 1st December 2016. 



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