Easy Method to Connect Android Phone To TV through Wireless Connection

Connecting mobile phone to TV have been on board for a long time, even the days of Nokia symbian though it's with a HDMI cable, but with modern technology it is a different process and most of you have been looking for a way to connect their Android phone to TV in wireless connection.

There's so many methods like through cables, usb and it fun to have to go through your phone in a very large screen or watch movies, play games or chat in a very large screen. And this is what i will be discussing below, easy method to connect your Android phone or tablet to your TV through wireless connection

Requirements to connect your Android phone to TV through wireless connection 

The first and foremost is that your TV and Android phone or tablet must support miracast before you can connect your Android to you TV in a wireless connection, most especially your Android phone or tablet should support miracast. 

Easy Method to Connect Android Phone To TV in a Wireless Connection 

1. First thing to do is to turn on your TV and change it to “input mode”

2. With your Android phone, goto Settings >> Display >> Cast screen

3. While on the Cast Screen, tap the menu soft key on your phone and select “Enable Wireless Display

4. Wait for it to search and detect the TV Miracast screen, which when detected, it will show it on your phone’s cast screen.

5. Then when it has displayed the TV Miracast on your phone,  select it and your android device screen will then start displaying on your TV screen. 

And that's it, so easy as long as your device is compatible with miracast. So guys this is how to connect your Android phone to TV with wireless connection and please don't forget to share this on Facebook, Twitter or pinterest. 


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