Saturday, 22 October 2016

New Trick On How To Make GLO N0.00 To Be Stable and Stop Disconnecting

Longest time pals, how to make GLO N0.00 unlimited free browsing to enjoy be stable was shared to me on WhatsApp, and i want to share it with everyone here. For those who have strong Glo network in your area this is for you, and for those who don't have strong Glo network, you can give it a try.

This Glo N0.00 unlimited free browsing is the only network cheat available and it seems to last, maybe because of the frustration involved with it.

New Trick On How To Make GLO N0.00 To Be Stable 

1. First is to download all the required files for it to work properly for you. 

>>>Your Phone must be rooted before trying this out 

>>>You have to download and install Syphon shield handler 3.13 apk

>>>Download and install Pimp My Rom

2. Launch Pimp My Rom and accept the root access. 

3. After that click system Tweak, Network & Internet and configure it like this.

4. Tick everything you see there, save it and restart or reboot your phone. 

5. Now launch your syphon shield handler 3.13 apk and configure it like below. 

>>> proxy type: real host
>>> proxy server:

6. No need for ip and port in syphon shield handler, so don't go to option menu.  And also in the region, select Netherlands or USA. Save and connect(wait for maximum of 2mins to connect).



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  1. Glo sucks! Where you go hide since na. Welcome back?

  2. shit works great using it now,sometimes its better than tweakware