Sunday, 16 October 2016

Download QueenCee VPN V7 Quantum​ APK

Tired of seeing old Psiphon handler  interface when browsing anonymously, then here is QueenCee VPN V7 Quantum​ apk which has a brand new interface and connects very fast, even under a poor network area.

QueenCee VPN V7 Quantum​ is a remake of psiphon handler which consume less ram, making it to work very fast on low ram Android Phone or tablet. If you are in India, you can select India as QueenCee added India in country host server. It also includes countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Singapore, Germany and Japan.

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QueenCee VPN V7 Quantum let's you know how many megabytes you have consumed with download and upload indicator, and also let you know the minutes you are connected with QueenCee VPN V7 Quantum. 

QueenCee VPN V7 Quantum APK settings 

1. Download QueenCee VPN V7 Quantum from the link below and launch it. 

2. The handler menu is just Psiphon handler , and by now we all must have know how to set it which depends on our country and network. 

3. After you have set the handler menu, click save and you will see QueenCee VPN V7 Quantum homepage. To get to more settings, slide your finger across the screen from the left side and you will see more settings. 

4. Input any working ip and port or leave it if it is not needed. 

5. Press back and return back to homepage, select your desired host country by click on best performance, you will see list of countries available for QueenCee VPN V7 Quantum apk. 

6. After that click start and wait for it to connect. You can also stop it from connecting by clicking STOP. 

Like i said before, QueenCee VPN V7 Quantum apk is for all Android phone and tablet with high or low ram and doesn't consume ram by making your phone or tablet to be slow. Another thing I like about QueenCee VPN V7 Quantum is that it is not a battery drainer or killer for a bit. 

Download QueenCee VPN V7 Quantum APK 

If you would like to experience this application to attain which is the best from your previous psiphon handler(s), then don't hesitate to download it below. 

QueenCee VPN V7 Quantum APK



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