Saturday, 29 October 2016

2016 Best Free Unlimited VPN For IPhone And Ipad To Surf Anonymously

Are you using iPhone or iPad and have been looking for the very best free unlimited vpn app for iOS, then you are at the right place as you will know the right vpn for your iOS device.

When it comes to vpn app, Android is way better than ios because there are so many developers of vpn app for Android to that of iOS. Again some available vpn for iPhone and ipad are not free to use, and even if they are free are not unlimited like that of Android.

Having looked around, searched tons of free unlimited vpn iPhone and ipad, is just only free vpn i came up with, and with this VPN you can access free Internet with it.

Best Free Unlimited VPN For IPhone And Ipad 

Openvpn connect for iOS - iPhone and iPad 

Openvpn connect is a vpn app use to bypass network restriction, surf anonymously and to also access the Internet for free. It is available for Android, IOS and windows, though that of the windows is kinda difficult to use. 

So if you are using iPhone or iPad and looking to surf the net anonymously, take a look at openvpn connect and how to set it up for your iPhone and iPad. 

Openvpn Connect settings for iPhone and ipad 

1. First download Openvpn connect for iOS here

2. Go to Vpngate to download openvpn Servers.

3. Depend on your network settings, you should configure it to suite your Internet Network connection.

4. After configuring the servers, is now time to import it to your iPhone or iPad.

5. Click on the "+"  icon on your openvpn connect to import the server.

6. Servers from Vpngate doesn't require username and password, so import it and it will show successful if the server is okay. After that, connect it by turning the button on and it will connect.

7. If it connects, it will be like the pic below.

With openvpn connect, you will be able to surf the net anonymously, free and also secured. This is the only recommended best free unlimited vpn for iPhone and ipad. 



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  1. Free VPNs are not safe for users because it only gives 128 bits protection to users although mostly people love to use free vpns but they don't know the cons of it, it has less features comparatively to paid VPN service like PureVPN which has bunch of features with low cost it provide an extra layer of protection with it's best encryption feature of 256-bit Data Encryption and Multiple Protocols.

  2. You are right @chris, but this openvpn has both free server and paid server. The free server isntisn't fast enough while the paid server is very fast with lots of other features, is just some people wouldn't want to pay a a dime for a vpn.