Friday, 14 October 2016

Best Android Apps For The Week

Welcome you guys back to best Android Apps for the week, though i have not being around for almost two months but will still try my best. Their are circumstances keeping me away from this site, will introduce someone to help me out till things gets better.

This week, there are tons of Android apps released with some making waves and they are the ones i want everyone to check out. Please this is strictly based on Android apps on Google play store, and you can as well check play store for trending apps of the week if you don't fancy the ones posted here.


Ivy is a sidebar app that allows you to pop open a sidebar to access your favorite apps. It’s kind of like the Edge feature on the Galaxy S7 Edge where you swipe in from the side and it’ll open the bar. You can configure which apps go in that space and you can even have an RSS feed that pops up from the bottom. There are other configurations that you can make as well. It’s a bit buggy which is normal for early releases, but it’s worth keeping on your radar.

Giphy Cam

Giphy Cam is a GIF camera that allows you to make your own GIFs. The app will take several photographs in burst form and string them together to form your GIF. From there, you’ll be able to decorate it with buttons, stickers, filters, and other special effects. As a GIF camera, it’s actually pretty good compared to its competition even if its special effects aren’t that great. It’s a free app with no in-app purchases if you want to give it a shot for yourself.


Tired of taking notes in class? Not anymore! Snapnotes offers you the possibility to take snaps of any content in class and organize them in subjects in an intelligent and automatic manner.

Wave Music Player

Wave Music Player is a futuristic Music Player packed with powerful features and a modern UI. With Wave Music Player you can tag your music with any keyword of your choice and later search tracks based on that tag.


Forget about time tracking manually. Average human being checks phone every 8 minutes, around 120 times a day. SaveMyTime is taking advantage of this habit. App replaces your standard lock screen and every couple minutes asks what you have been doing.



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