Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Tutorial on How to Create Ehi File For Http Injector

Creating ehi file server for http Injector can be difficult when compared to other VPN for Android. Psiphon handler and tweakware doesn't require a bit of time to configure, openvpn requires a little tweaking but Http Injector is different as not all knows how to set it up with their country server or free server.

How to Create Ehi For Http Injector

First to create ehi file for http Injector, go to these websites. 

2. If you are creating it with fastssh, please choose European countries like Germany, Netherlands or Luxembourg etc. 

3. Select between 3 days or 7 days but preferably 7 days and input username and password you will remember. 

4. Please not the details of your ehi server like username, Password, host name and port usually 443. 

5.  Open your http Injector and please clear all your previous settings. 

6. On the left hand corner click payload and input a working url of your network server. 

7. In request method select connect and in extra header tick X-Online-Host. 

8. Then click on generate. 

9. Then click the Settings icon on the header. 

10. Fill in your details that is username, Password you created in fastshh website, the host ip of the country you choose and the port. Please the port should be 443 or 22.

11. Press back and input your ip and port in the remote ip box and it should be like this exactly. 

12. Tick SSH and click start. 

Note to make ehi server work with http Injector, you have to have the right settings which is accordance with your network server or free server which you use to browse free. Again you have to input the right username, password, host ip of the country you selected when creating ehi file and lastly the port which is between 443 or 22. And finally you should have a working ip probably the one which is accordance with your network or the network that you want to browse free with. For example here mtn default ip and port is 8080, etisalat is 8080. 

Click connect to start your http Injector, if it connects try and save your configured ehi server by clicking on the top right corner and click export file. Name it with your desired name and you can secure it so as to use it alone by locking it, and to lock your ehi server tick all the lock configuration file in y http Injector. 

So this is how to create ehi file for http Injector so as to be able to use it for tunnel vpn or to browse free. 



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  1. This looks pretty simple, i will give it a try, thanks for sharing :D