Saturday, 2 July 2016

How to Share Internet Data with Two Android Phones Via WiFi Hotspot

Sharing internet data from one Android phone to another is an easy thing but we have new users who doesn't know on how to share their mobile internet data to other  Android phones around them via WiFi hotspot.

I received a mail from a reader here, asking me how he can tether his two Android phones and share internet with one another. This made me to believe that many don't really know the process even though it is an easy thing that wouldn't take up to 30 seconds of your time.

How to Tether two Android phones and share internet via WiFi Hotspot 

1) The first thing to do is to pick out the phone you will use to share internet data.

2) On that Android phone or tablet, go to the system settings and under wireless and network, click more (depending on your phone brand) and you will see portable hotspot or tethering and portable hotspot.

3) Click on it and you will see WiFi hotspot ( what we all be using).

4 Click set up WiFi hotspot. In network name input the name you want, in security select WPA2 PSK and also input your password.

5) Click save and connect your WiFi hotspot by turning it on.

6) On the phone(s) you would like to share internet data, just go to Settings and WiFi and turn it on. It will automatically connect to your device with hotspot and on that device you will see connected 1 or connected 2, depending on the number of device connected to your WiFi. For example, on my LG g2 d802 the highest number of connection allowed is 8 and will never exceed it.

7) Turn on the mobile Internet data of the main phone that is sharing the data, all other phones will use its mobile Internet data to browse.

And that's is it. AsAs you can see there's isn't stress at all so easy to share Mobile Internet data with two Android phones via WiFi hotspot. If it's pc then USB cable or WiFi is still the best with same process.

So guys this is how to share mobile Internet data on two Android phones via WiFi hotspot. If you are still confused feel free to ask your questions but note that this doesn't work with VPN.



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  1. Thanks for the info,though really want to commend the new look of your blog.
    It is very organized and easier to navigate to older posts.

  2. Really want to commend the new look of your blog,comes very organized and easy to navigate to older posts.