Friday, 29 July 2016

See How Google Wants To Protect Android Users From Spam Calls

Google has sought to establish Android as a secure platform at various levels. Far beyond the security of user data, it also wants to ensure that they are also bothered with the latest spam practices. Among these spam phone calls, many several companies are intent to sell products in which we have no interest.

To end these spam calls, the tech giant Google will provide its calling application with a filter that will alert users to potential calls of this type.

For some years it is assumed that the practice of spam calls made by the operators or robots, try to get users to buy or subscribe to the services that they probably do not want or need and it is being a real pest.

The news that the tech giant Google now brings that it will allow users of the Nexus and Android One devices to be alerted whenever one of these calls are coming to their phone. Google’s idea is not to stop these calls, but alert users to this possibility, they may then decide whether or not to answer the call.

Not being a native Android functionality, Google decided to put it in your Phone application, which is available on the Play Store. The creation will be in the version 4.0, which should arrive soon for the users of Nexus smartphones.

This feature is only available for the Nexus and Android One smartphones, which requires at least Android 6.0 to run this feature.

In the coming weeks, Google will make this app available on the Play Store as a new version of the Phone application. But, if you do not want to wait until the release, then you simply can download it from here

Once you install it, you should verify, which has the caller ID option and active spam in the application.

Another feature that the tech giant Google announced, which is actually dedicated to the European market, is sending the location of users to emergency services when there is a call. This is a feature that already exists in the United States and it ensures that the emergency services can get a location of each phone or user in case of need.

At first, this submission was only available in the United Kingdom and Estonia, later extended to other European countries. However, the tech giant Google ensures that the location data will not be sent to users, as it is intended only to the emergency services and 90% of Android smartphones will be able to provide this data.



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