Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Download New Psiphon a Pro apk for Android

Was going through some phreakers site when i came across Psiphon a+ pro apk, another psiphon handler vpn used for internet tunnelling apps, seems like psiphon handler pro to me though i really like how this a+ pro is.

I will post handler like this for those that love to change their old Psiphon handler to new ones, as to experience new skin and interface. Someone like me gets bored at times and always try to see if i will see new handler version, just to experience new things.

Psiphon a pro settings 

Psiphon a+pro includes new feature which is, it added Philippines in the country region, unlike other psiphon handler that bears most popular countries like USA, UK, Canada and Netherlands.

I have said this a thousand times now, this psiphon handler are all the same with same settings too, but it all depends on your country and network to set it up for free net. 

Always endeavour to tick remove port, many a time one is required to select REAL HOST in proxy type and input the free host server in proxy server. In Real Proxy Type select among these three Default, http or inject with port 80 or 8080. 

To get to options, click Globe users and you will see where to input your ip and port by ticking connect through http proxy and also tick use the following settings, input your ip and port respectively. If you want psiphon a+pro from connecting, click on the OFF button on your screen or ON on your screen. 

Download New Psiphon a Pro apk for Android 

If you love to check out this VPN tunnelling app to experience new psiphon handler interface featuring Philippines, download below. 



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  1. Please zpykios, It seems that tweakware has stopped working with Etisalat bb10
    Please any solutions?

  2. For now the answer is no solution as i think etisalat later found out and blocked it. I'd you can manage Glo then use it.