Thursday, 14 July 2016

Nokia To Launch Nokia P1 Android Phone Report

Reports have been going around that former Mobile Phone giant Nokia may soon launch their long awaited Android phone. Is no news that Nokia wants to return back to smartphone bus having lost to iOS, Samsung etc.
So, today i have news regarding the Nokia since it has been leaked a press image on the Internet, which was dubbed as the Nokia P1, as we said that it appeared in a press render. It showed the device in two different colors, which appeared together. In the end, it turned out that the model of the image was none other than the Sharp Aquos P1, although Nokia Arena said P1 is a sister model to the acute.

Since it is known that Nokia will return to the market again, the leaks have occurred dropper. However, it appears that these leaks and rumors intensify the date approaches in which the Finnish company can officially take up its business with its brand. A few Months ago already they proposed some models such as the Nokia C9, Nokia C1, a smartphone that would be placed between the midrange and high-end.

Information is limited, but if the picture is really filtered corresponds to one of the smartphones with which the manufacturer will be released again, we have before us some implicit details. On one hand, the first refers to the color detail. The Nokia P1 would be initially available in unusual colors like salmon and purple. Another detail could well be related to the water droplets that appear on the screen, of course, Nokia P1, which would denote waterproof protection features.

I really hope that the leaked image is not photoshopped but rather real pics as i can't wait for Nokia to come back again.



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