Monday, 11 July 2016

All About Psiphon Handler Apk And It's Settings

Dzebb handler and it's app modders launched multiple new psiphon handler which we use to browse free in Nigeria and many of us that are using the application don't know what it is.
I've received countless messages on Facebook, people asking me what is psiphon handler and it's uses and even though I've made a tutorial about it, i decided to remake it again so that everyone will understand.

What is psiphon handler and it's uses: Psiphon handler is a vpn used to bypass network restriction or firewall to be able to browse free, bypass their restrictions or to hide  or change your identity(country).

Psiphon handler have completely taken over from NetLoop vpn formerly known as simple Server for Android as the best and popularly used vpn in Nigeria.  It started with psiphon 77 handler to the latest version psiphon 113 handler apk.

BestBest Features Of Psiphon Handler Apk

>>> Unlike other vpns like openvpn connect, http injector and others, psiphon handler don't require extra file called servers to be able to work. The likes of openvpn connect and http Injector, you will be getting or downloading servers, importing it to the application and the issue is that these files don't last forever. Openvpn servers and http Injector servers lasts for just 7 days for a free users but with psiphon handler, you won't see such.

>>>Openvpn connect free server is very slow when compared to psiphon handler as psiphon handler is very fast like http Injector and NetLoop vpn.

>>> psiphon handler apk is very easy to configure unlike http Injector, openvpn connect or even NetLoop which has issues.

>>> Psiphon handler apk is free to use unlike tweakware for Android which isn't free though they work alike.

These features is the reason why we tends to configure tweaks or cheats with psiphon handler than any other  free tunnel vpns.

You should know that no single Nigerian modded these handlers other than dzebb handler and his fellow Filipino and Indonesian phreakers or modders. Thanks to them we are using dzebb handler and psiphon handler for free in Nigeria.

Psiphon handler settings 

1) After downloading your psiphon handler, open it and configure it like below.

3) First in the handler menu, scroll down to proxy type and select Real Host. Real Host is what is popularly used to browse free with psiphon handler, so next time you see a tweak try use real host before others. Though during etisalat N0.0k it was reverse proxy.

4) In custom Header, leave it as it is and don't touch it. Then in proxy server, this is where the main issue lies. This is where one is required to input the tweak he has to be able to browse free with the psiphon handler apk. For example using Glo tweak, you input in the proxy server.

5) Real proxy type also plays a major role too. Nigeria tweak requires default, http or inject but with the Glo tweak it is default but with others, it is between http and inject.

6) Real proxy port is always 80 0r 8080 but it doesn't matter also with real proxy server.

7) In option and more options matters a lot. This is where you input the ip and port to bypass network firewall. With Mtn tweak, it is compulsory to input ip and port and it is and 8080. First you will do by  ticking connect through http proxy, and also tick use the following settings. But other networks it isn't compulsory as their default ip don't make sense in tweaking.

8) So the three major parts of psiphon handler apk is proxy type, proxy server, real proxy type and proxy settings in more options menu.

After all you have done everything, press back and exit your psiphon handler. Launch it again and click save. Also it is good to select between USA, UK and Canada in region as they tends to fast when browsing with the application. When psiphon handler is connected, you will see a key icon or symbol at the top right corner of your phone and it will show connected.

I bet after reading this, you won't get confused or not to know what to do when you see or hear about psiphon handler apk but you should bear it mind that this app is just for Android users only.

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  1. Netloop got settings issue but i like it more dan psiphon dat disconnect most tyms

  2. Thank you, I love this It was really helpful especially with the glo 0.0cheat