Friday, 1 July 2016

MTNJulyDeal: Get Free 1GB Valid For Seven Days

Saw this MTNJULYDEAL sms on my phone, where mtn stated that i have been credited with 1000mb that is 1GB internet data toto use valid for seven days, but requires me to recharge N500 within three days to enjoy it.

That's my main mtn number, so i recharged N500 and was able to use the free 1GB data without my airtime being deducted. I don't know if I'm the only one that received this message here, as i wanted to share this with everyone here and mind you my other sims that didn't receive the message didn't work.

My sim is on mtn trutalk and if you received this message, go ahead and recharge up to N500 or you can split it by recharging N300 and later on N200. But the fact is your airtime won't be deducted and this is working on Android, Blackberry, IOS, Windows mobile and pc without any hidden charge.

Right now am using the MTNJulyDeal free 1gb data to make this post.
  1. Didnt get the msg. I'm on mtn pulse i guess d offer is not meant for us

  2. Yea, on one of my sim i was asked to recharge 200 and get 50mb, while on the other it said recharge 300 and get 100mb

  3. I loaded N500 and dialed *559*77# but didn't see any 1000MB. When I called 180 to complain, they lady that answer me said that they've not been briefed about that...

  4. @oke first i must thank God this isn't a tweak for you to call their customer service.

    Second please mtn will first send you the message like the pic above before you will see the 1GB data.

    3rd and lastly the customer service doesn't know what he/she is saying.

  5. I got the message but for 100mb.

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