Friday, 1 July 2016

MTN Comedy Plus 150mb with Psiphon Handler on Your Android

Is quite unfortunate that bad belle people won't allow us too enjoy very cheap unlimited internet by reporting any reasonable tweak that surface online, right now a blog reader let me know mtn comedy plus 150mb. 

Said it is similar to mtn music plus or mtn game plus 150mb, with free 7 days 150mb trial. Though his is not sure if it is renewable after seven day like the game plus isn't renewable after the allocated seven days.

My mind is still very strong that an ordinary Nigerian who is not involve in data business will have time to report tweaks to our network providers, as they will also like to benefit from the tweak. Who doesn't like free or very cheap internet with close to Unlimited data, and that's why my mind is telling me that tweak reporters are DATA RESELLERS. When we use tweaks, nobody will buy from them again and they will loose, sorry instead they came up with the aim of reporting any tweak to our isp(though my assumption).

MTN Comedy Plus 150mb settings with Psiphon Handler 
<>>> First you need to register your sim number on their website which is and you will be awarded with 150mb.

>>> Please don't click on that link directly from this site, rather copy and paste it to your browser url.

>>>Open your psiphon handler and configure it like below

>>Proxy Type: REAL Host

>>>Proxy Server:

>>>Real Proxy Type: Http or inject

>>>Real Proxy Server: 80

>>> Then SAVE and click option, more options and tick connect through http proxy.

>>>Tick use the following settings

>>>Host Address:

>>> Port: 8080

Press back and exit your psiphon handler, launch it again and connect. This is just for management. Like one guy told me, let's all of us log on to etisalat Twitter page and blow false alarm that this particular tweak is browsing free, that is giving them wrong information till them tire. Next time if anyone reports a tweak, they won't believe it. But this got me cracking buahahaha, dude was very serious.

So for now guys manage this mtn comedy plus 150mb on your device, but i must confess i haven't tried it as I'm really busy with work.



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  1. I can't seem to get the dynamic code

  2. The dynamic code is not coming out jare...oga zpy

  3. You mean on your sim card Michael, mtn didn't send you any code?. Well if you are finding it difficult, you can use Etisalat Bis or the new airtel tweak.