Saturday, 9 July 2016

Full Review on Zoto App That Gives N1000 Free Airtime

Zoto free N1000 airtime has been trending in Nigeria for the past two or three days now, at first i kinda doubted it but later on I believed it to be true as it is a promo. Yes most times promos in Nigeria are fake but this one is real and you can get multiple free N1000 airtime to your desired network.

Am talking about this for the first time here and most of you have earned so much with it especially if you have large Facebook friends or other social media, thanks to Facebook i was able to get some airtime to my sim right now.

Zoto free N1000 airtime isn't too late if you haven't heard of it as it remains 3 days for it to end and with large social media friends you can get up to N10000 airtime on your sim now. So this depends on how vigorous you promoted this app using your referral link but note that offers end till 12th July.

How to get Free N1000 airtime using Zoto App 

1) First download Zoto App here
2) During sign up, use AMAE4847(my referral code) and sign up.
3) With the referral code, you will get N1000 airtime on any recharge from N100 and above.

4) This requires a bank debit card or credit card. Use your arm card for it.
5) Invite friends and make sure they recharged so as to get more free N1000 airtime.
6) After accumulating your desired airtime, you can use it on your desired network in Nigeria and buy airtime or data from any of the network(s).

How to recharge airtime using Zoto App 

With your ATM Card available,  go to Zoto App and select any network you want. Also input the amount and click proceed. Afterwards you will receive airtime on your sim with 50% discount.

Note to get your first N1000 airtime, use my referral link AMAE4847 during sign up and also invite your friends with your own referral link and get yours too. Also you can't convert it to real money as it is for airtime or data bundle. So what are you waiting for, download and install the Zoto App, sign up with the referral link and recharge N100 and get N1000 instanta on your sim.



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