Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Download New USB OTG Checker 6.0 APK

Do you want to know if your Android phone or tablet is otg enabled, then new otg usb checker v6.0 will help you to find out if you Android device support OTG or not as not not Android phones or tablets supports it.

USB OTG Checker 6.0 is tool that can quickly and effectively to fully check and verify your Android device system USB OTG capabilities without Rooted your Android Phone or Tablet.

What is USB OTG 

You might be asking what is USB OTG. Usb otg is a small device or mini object in USB form, which is used to connect smartphone and pc together, so as to transfer or share files and data's. It is not just connecting smartphone andand pc together, you can connect your phone or tablet to any device that supports USB. It can be your playstation game, your DVD or any other.

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Sometimes it is required to have a USB OTG cable to connect some device like for example printer. You can connect your phone and your printer directly, no, it requires an otg cable which consists of male and female head.
Some Android phones supports OTG especially high end mobile device while others don't, so if you are not sure if your device supports it, then otg usb checker v6.0 apk will help you with that.

Another point to note that if your phone doesn't have an external memory card that is SD CARD support, you can use OTG USB to store your files especially if your internal storage is overloaded.

Features of new usb otg checker 6.0

1.Check Device OS on USB OTG: Your device operating system or custom ROM has the USB OTG API?

2.Check USB OTG Signal: Your device has load with USB OTG driver or kernel to communicate to the USB OTG Connected device?

3.Browse USB OTG Storage: Can you access ( View ) the USB OTG connected External Storage Folder?

USB OTG Checker does not require root access, so if your Android phone or tablet is not rooted, it will work very well. 

Download New USB OTG Checker 6.0 

If you are not sure of your device supporting OTG, then go ahead and download this nice application to verify your Android phone or tablet. 

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