Saturday, 16 July 2016

Download Tweakware V2.9 for Etisalat BB10 BIS

Tweakware V2.9 is still blazing with etisalat bb10 bis for android users, I have confirmed it for those of you asking if it is still working. Casts updated his tweakware to version 2.9 as the application was overloaded.
Etisalat bb10 bis on tweakware is working flawlessly, just that it is not free like psiphon handler apk. It is limited to 200mb for free users and unlimited for premium users with the tweak already embedded on the tweakware vpn.

As tweakware v2.9 free users is limited to 200mb per day, premium version will cost you N500 to N600 per month with unlimited access to the vpn. Is quite unfortunate that the owner casts didn't make it free to use like psiphon handler and Netlop vpn. If you pay N500 for tweakware premium version, you won't pay again till the next 30days and with etisalat bb10 bis, everything will cost you up to N2000 per month if you subscribed to etisalat bis continously.

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Etisalat BB10 Bis with Tweakware V2.9 Apk

Etisalat bis on tweakware is already embedded and don't require further settings other than the system settings where you use as your apn. To know more on how to set etisalat bb10 bis on tweakware please follow through this Link here and configure your tweakware to browse with etisalat bb10 bis. 

Like i said before, daily is restricted to 200mb with premium unlimited. Even if you try any application to bypass the 200mb limit, you won't succeedsucceed as the owner have made it difficult to bypass it. 

Note Two or more people can use tweakware premium account, that is you and your friends cancan contribute up to N500 or N600 and pay for premium. Though if you guys are interested, then you can send me a mail to showshow your interest. Instead of you to pay N500 or N600, you will pay N200.

Download Tweakware V2.9 Apk 

Still interested in etisalatetisalat bb10 bis using tweakware, then download it below. 



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  1. You said unlimited for premium user, does that mean unlimited for Etisalat also (no data restrictions)
    Thanks for the good work.
    I can't find your email address

  2. No etisalat bb10 bis is capped at 6gb, you can locate my email address at contact us above or see it here

  3. But btw glo 2.5k 10gb and this, which is more preferable?

  4. If you have strong glo network, then go for glo because you will also have to spend extra buck like N70 daily or N350 weekly or N1000 monthly on etisalat bis coupled with tweakware money. If etisalat bb10 bis is unlimited, i will advise you to go for it.

  5. It's too expensive but with little trick involve you can browse unlimited without paying any money for premium server

  6. Ebuka please share what you got, Sharing is caring.

  7. I will stick with glo for now and use the Etisalat day plan once a while for downloading.
    Have sent you a mail

  8. How can one email you @admin

  9. You can send me a message on WhatsApp via this number 08142185742 please

  10. Kenichi i need your email only and scroll up you will see my mail on comments above.

  11. I sent you a mail you said you ll get back to me