Sunday, 17 July 2016

Download Best Psiphon 110 Handler Apk For Android

Psiphon 110 handler is another remodded handler by Filipino phreakers, having similar interface like syphon shield v3 and v2. I seems to be bit impressed with this particular Psiphon handler  and it is kinda fast when being compared with psiphon handler pro lite which is ultimately the fastest. 

Psiphon 110 handler 2016 is no different from other psiphon handler as it contains handler menus, options menus, logs andand stats. The only difference psiphon 110 handler have from the others is country region as it doesn't include Germany and Canada unlike other psiphon handler which includes the both. 

But the likes of United States and United Kingdom with Netherlands is there, and for me i wouldn't mind as long as United States and United Kingdom is there.

Psiphon 110 handler  which is commonly known as psiphon extreme 110 handler is the latest version but you should bear in mind that the main psiphon handler by dzebb handler is psiphon 100 handler and psiphon handler pro lite.

Download Best psiphon 110 handler apk for Android 

Alright so for those that wants to add psiphon 110 handler to the list collection of their handlers, then download it below.

Download link 

  1. Downloaded,but it want to replace the older one and i dnt lyk that

  2. Dis one is kind of strange. D front look is jampacked


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