Monday, 25 July 2016

Code To Buy Mobile Airtime From First Bank[New Method]

Few days ago, first bank tightened their security on buying airtime with first bank account as many have been experiencing error message when trying the ussd code. The good news is that theirs a new way to buy mobile airtime from first bank unlike the other method to buy airtime

This new development helped those without an ATM Card, to secure their account from from theft. Before this development, when you dial *894*Amount#, you will be credited instantly but that have changed for the past few days now with a personal secret code.

Code to Buy Airtime From First Bank with New Method 

1. Dial *894*amount# and you be be asked to input your first bank account number.
2. After you have added your first bank account number, you will be asked to input your personal secret code. 
3. If you have an ATM Card, use your ATM Card secret code buttons if you don't please use a code you will remember. You will write your secret code twice which will be saved and afterwards you can buy airtime from first bank. 

Whenever you try to buy airtime from first bank, you will only need to input your secret code and won't be asked of your bank account again. 

Note maximum top up is N3000 while the mini top up is N50. This is the new way to buy airtime from first bank account

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