Monday, 4 July 2016

Airtellive Tweak Not Working On Your Phone, See The Solution

Airtellive cheat settings with psiphon handler 2016 

The new airtellive tweak is blazing but it doesn't for many people with some saying it might be based on location or the type of sim or the package which one's sim is subscribed to, but one fact is we are not sure where the problem lies.

Yesterday, i bought three airtel sim to configure it for my buddies but among the three sims cards only one sim worked with the tweak. We destroyed the two others and bought extra 4 and that 4 sim cards, three worked.

So i concluded that this tweak is weird and if it didn't work for you  try get more sim cards. The first settings i posted isn't that fast and kinda disconnects partly because of poor network but here's another settings for you guys.

Airtellive Working Settings For Psiphon handler 

1) Use airtel default apn but in the ip and port, change it to and 8080
2) Open your psiphon handler and in proxy server input
3) Select http or inject and click save. Stop psiphon handler from connecting.
4) Click option and more options, tick connect through http proxy.
5) tick the following settings and input and 80
6) In region, select usa and reconnect your psiphon handler.

If this settings didn't work for you then please try get new sim and register it. Come back and try this again as it is working, confirmed by me zpykios.

This is the latest airtellive fast settings with psiphon handler, next will be openvpn and http Injector but right now my phone is completely dead and later on, i will post it.



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  1. This one is very fast bro, it seems using default in psiphon is the issue thanks so much zpykios.

  2. This is stress mehn.

  3. I just got a new airtel sim bt wat baffle my mind now is dat is it compolsary to recharge b4 using this or what.

  4. Not working for my new i just bought this morning jare...I'm fed up of dis

  5. Which kind cheat be this sef, don try 5 sims now but nothing. Zpykios what's your location.

  6. O Airtel.. How intricately stifling though art 😀😀😀. I guess it all depends on luck.. πŸ€bon chance mesamis

  7. Tried it on 3sims didn't not still work.

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  9. @anon please sir or ma, i don't dropping of numbers unless i told you to do so. Also right now sir, i don't have a WhatsApp group for this blog thanks for your understanding.

  10. Okay ...My bad

  11. The first settings worked for me but this very one doesn't. And since u said it's faster;i need help.

  12. Mr. Admin may the Almighty God bless you.

    You are the best. Thanks