Saturday, 2 July 2016

Airtel Unlimited N0.0k Browsing For July 2016

I can't believe i mistakenly deleted this post, guys please am sorry it was a mistake as i was arranging things on my dashboard and this the airtel Unlimited N0.0k browsing is the last post i made.

Once again I apologise, didn't delete it intentionally  because of our isp as someone just stated and whereas it's almost on all sites. This airtime Unlimited N0.0k free browsing works only on psiphon handler as it doesn't include ip and port and special thanks to the creator @Joe boy for releasing the tweak.

Airtel Unlimited N0.0k Settings on Psiphon handler 

1) Open your psiphon handler and select real host.

2) In proxy server input

3) In Real proxy type select Default, http or inject

4) Real proxy server 80 and click save,stop psiphon from connecting.

5) Press option and more options, make sure you didn't tick connect through http proxy and no ip and port in psiphon handler.

6) Press back and exit your psiphon handler, relaunch and connect again.

7) Use airtel default system settings for this.

Note this airtel N0.0k tweak is kinda weird, that is it selects sim. Works on my old airtel sim but doesn't work on the other one. From the comments on the previous post it seems not to work for some, please if you have other sim cards, try it there.



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  1. This thing is not working, I even got a new sim,, still it don't work.. .

  2. Amosu it's sim selective, still haven't figured out how it is done. Mine isn't stable, disconnect often.

  3. Better cheat should show face jare.. And how I wish mtn bblited can start working again

  4. Zpykios...
    How do i stream live match using mx player.... ?? Thanks for ur response! '!'✅

  5. To stream live match or live TV using mx player, you have to get the steam link of the live match. Then head to your mx player, click on the option menu which is the three dots at top right corner, click on network stream and input the url or link of that live match and finally click okay.

    It will load and start to play if the link is still working but you must note that there shouldn't be space between the letters.

    If you need match links, i can get it for you.

  6. Is the mtn 1k for 5gb night plan legit? The code doesn't work

  7. PS your "notify me" link on the comment page always returns page error when clicked. You should look into it

  8. @sallihu thanks, never noticed it.

  9. There's nothing like mtn 5gb for 1k bro, it's fake.

  10. Salling please check your browser if you have already activated email on it cause it is working.

  11. pls add me on ur whatsapp group 08130834052