Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Airtel SmartTrybe Night Plan Where You Get 1.5GB For N50

MTN think they wise but airtel will soon tell them that they are wiser with their airtel SmartTrybe, which gives you 500MB for N25 and 1.5gb for N50 valid for a night which starts from 12am till 5am.By mere looking at it will let you know that they are trying to overtake mtn on night plan, which most people are using to download their large files. MTN didn't offer for 1GB data which makes this soon to release airtel SmartTrybe plans to be wayway better.

Also looking at the time frame, mtn is from 12am to 4am but airtel SmartTrybe night plan is from 12am till 5am, way better too.

With airtel SmartTrybe, you can calls to all national networks at 11K/S (N6.60K/min) after the first 50 seconds of the day and also to call five international destinations of UK, US, China, India and Canada at 20K/S (N12/min) rate.

How to migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe 

First migrate to airtel SmartTrybe dialing this code *312# and reply with 1. There you will also see list of Airtel SmartTrybe data plans and you can also get 1gb for N500 valid for a week and also a weekend plan.

This is absolutely stunning when compared to mtn night plan that is the 1.5gb data for N50 starting from 12am till 5am. Heavy downloaders i don't think there's a need to complain cause this will probably serve you a whole lot more and lastly airtel internet connection seems to be very fast at night, making this SmartTrybe data plans of 1.5gb for N50 and 500MB for N25 to be okay for everyone.



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