Thursday, 14 July 2016

Airtel Night Plan Of 1.5GB For N50 Subscription Code Not Yet Working

Airtel Night Plan Of 1.5GB For N50 Subscription Code Not Yet Working 

If you have tried to subscribe to airtel SmartTrybe night plan of 1.5gb for N50 you will noticed that it is not going at the moment, as only 500mb for N25 is working at the moment.
You should also noticed that airtel have removed their hourly Night Plan as i didn't see it again, replacing it with this 500mb for N25 and 1.5gb for N50 which was launched yesterday. But as it is, the airtel 1.5gb for N50 is not officially made available to use as i called their call centre just to make inquires about their new development on night plans.

But the man that answered seems not to give a coherent answer to my question saying it isn't available and there is a condition one will undergo before qualifying for airtel trybe night browsing of 1.5gb for N50. Though didn't really get the customer service very well but you can also help us and try calling them about this night plan.

Airtel trybe night plan 500MB for N25 and 1.5gb for N50 subscription codes 

To subscribe for airtel night plan of 500MB for N25, dial *312*3*1#
To subscribe for airtel night plan of 1.5gb for N50, dial *312*3*2#. 

Note you can't subscribe to hourly plan again and airtel weekend plan don't make sense to me unless you are a hard internet user. So before you complain about airtel night plan 1.5gb for N50 not going, please try contacting their customer service center for more information.



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  1. There's always a catch with airtel(douchebags), they can never give something without an IF

  2. Make I keep my recharge card till more info