Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Review on Airtel Night Plan - 500mb for N25 And 1.5gb for N50

Airtel having scraped their hourly night plan and replacing it with 500mb for N25 And 1.5GB for N50 respectively, is the newest airtel night plan on board. Every is really feeling the competition from our network providers as this type of night plan was first launched by MTN NG.

Looking into airtel new night plan of 500mb for N25 and 1.5gb for N50, it seems pretty cool for me and from what i attain, it is renewable on same night unlike  mtn 500mb for N25 night plan.

Airtel Night Plan of 500mb for N25 and 1.5gb for N50

Some people are complaining that the new airtel night plan doesn't make sense in the sense that the hourly night plan is better than the 500mb for N25 or 1.5gb for N50 data plan because one can download more than 2gb file in the space of 1hr or more. But i completely disagree with this, this night plan data offer is far better than the hourly night plan because i have been in a situation where i subscribed for 1hr and airtel internet went off for more than two hours before it came back.

With this airtel night plan, you can relax and download any file you want at your comfort without checking the time for every min that passed.

Review on Airtel 500mb for N25 and 1.5gb for N50 SmartTrybe Night Plan 

1. Their speed is not throttled and being night plan, the speed is very fast especially around 1am downwards, getting up to 2mbs.

2. Airtel new night plan is renewable unlike mtn which it's 500mb for N25 night plan is not renewable. Before i think it is not but please it is renewable as I've confirmed it myself. 

3. Airtel new night plan of 1.5gb for N50 is working. Some are saying it is not working, for example it wasn't working for me but i tried it last night and it worked. 

4. Airtel night plan of 500mb for N25 and 1.5gb for N50 is eligible to all customers as airtel is known to exonerate it's customers on some data offers. 

5. Airtel new night plan works from 12am to 5am unlike mtn which is from 12am to 4am. 

Review on Airtel Night Plan of 500mb for N25 and 1.5gb for N50

6. Since airtel night plan is renewable, you can use 2gb for N100 or 3gb for N100 from 12am till 5am. This is really good as i don't understand why people are calling it shit, this is undoubtedly the best data plan in Nigeria that requires you to save one night and use it to download your favourite or important files, Movies Subscription Code
This plan is strictly for airtel SmartTrybe users, so if you not on this package kindly migrate by dialing *312#. 

How to Subscribe to airtel SmartTrybe N25 for 500mb and 1.5GB for N50

» For 500MB which cost N25 and 1.5GB for N50, dial *312#, select night plan, choose the plan you want. 

Do you think airtel new night plan of 500mb for N25 and also 1.5gb for N50 is very good  okay or poor, would like to see your view too as i believe it is the best plan right now though it will cost you your sleep. 



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  1. The airtel 50naira is still d best. Mtn also tried though

  2. very close to mtn simple server