Saturday, 2 July 2016

You Can Access Etisalat Bis BB10 With Tweakware V2.5 on Android

Cast today made an announcement about tweakware latest version which is V2.5 and includes etisalat bis bb10 on it and the thing is it is really working.

Cast has the latest etisalat bis bb10 settings but modded it into tweakware and one wouldn't know the exact settings he is using cause for sure it will work on psiphon handler. But as it goes with tweakware, it is not free as one will be restricted to daily 200mb or might not even make it to the free server.

Good and bad of using free tweakware server with etisalat bb10 bis 

#1 You will be restricted to only 200mb daily on your phone.

#2 I know someone will be talking about the Device changer app that people used to get more free 200mb by changing their device id?. But you should know that cast isn't the kind of person to play with as he restricted his free servers to few number of users.

#3 You might exhaust your first free 200mb, and run to change your device id, coming back to use tweakware free server and to see "number of users exceeded". That's one freaking thing i hate about tweakware. Not only did cast restrict the bandwidth, he also restricted the number of users on free servers while the paid server is unlimited.

#4 This is why we all should appreciate Dzebb, who didn't collect a cent from us to use psiphon handler the way we like. He just monitised it with ads and many of us would use adblock to block those ads. Then look cast isn't offering his vpn application for free, i mean Unlimited even NetLoop VPN is free to use.

#5 I'm still trying to get the settings cast used to make tweakware work with etisalat bis on Android, though cast is very good in tweaking. You are interested and wants to use tweakware with etisalat bis on your Android phone? Continue below.

#6 Tweakware hardly disconnect unlike psiphon handler and it works on all internet application on your Android device.

#7 Tweakware is very fast to use especially the premium servers but the free servers gets slower as time goes on.

How to use tweakware with etisalat bis bb10 on Android 

>>>First download Tweakware latest version Tweakware V2.5 apk here

>>> Click on settings and scroll down to bundle settings, tick use bundle settings and click select bundle settings.

>>> There you will see etisalat bb10 and tick it.

>>> Press back and return to tweakware V2.5 homepage, click on sever and select free server.

>>>If you want to pay for the premium servers, then head over to tweakware website and contact casts or you will see details on how to pay.

Note your system settings must be with no ip and port. For more details, contact casts by going to the site above.



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  1. Please jjst figure out settings for netloop. Even if it paid i will pay for it

  2. Bt is de Etisalat bb10 rocking??

  3. Tweakware is really good.if you want to have maximum satisfaction, just pay for it.

  4. Why you like netloop so much? @pelumi never really worked for me

  5. No @abdullahi

    Pelumi up till now NetLoop isn't working on my two phones. Keeps crashing every time.

  6. Pls is de bis still working??

  7. I did it but the tweakware refused to connect help

  8. Obitex maybe etisalat have blocked what he used on tweakware, but you can contact casts about it. Check the link up.

  9. I opened the site but did not see how to contact him